Gmail's Smart Compose will ensure you never type an email again

08 May 2018
You just hit Tab repeatedly and let Google's AI work its magic and compose the message for you.

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  • Bhanuja

It's really awesome but using which platform we can obtain these type outputs

#Get a life

  • Anonymous

t1bbe, 09 May 2018Like what?Certainly not this "feature". This will allow people with low IQs to write proper emails and trick the readers into thinking they're reading valid information written by an educated person. While the email composer just had to hit that TAB key a few times.

  • t1bbe

Anonymous, 09 May 2018Useless feature. Can their programmers put their brains to ... moreLike what?

  • Anonymous

Useless feature. Can their programmers put their brains to better work than working on such gimmicky and regressive stuff?

  • Anonymous

Neat trick to lure in more users (victims) to your platform, Google. Very neat!
But I’ve quit using all your services years ago. I like my data to be MY data and my life and actions to be my own. #nogoogle #noandroid #nogmail