Canalys: Smartphone shipments in Europe decline, Xiaomi makes the top 5

09 May 2018
Central and Eastern Europe marked 12.3% increase, but the lucrative Western European market declined 13.9%.

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Quarterly reports can be misleading as they have to remind you that different oems launch their flagships on different periods.

  • AnonD-594740

Anonymous, 10 May 2018Well.... Samsung already suffering a big blow in lots of... moreAnd even with that, they sold 5% more units this Q1 globally.

Both Samsung and Apple can lose some markets and gain others, the key here is that they are still growing (albeit slowly) globally in an already saturated market.

  • RejZoR

Xiaomi is actually pretty damn good. What Ilove the most about it is how loaded is with features I need, out of the box. Weather, data usage monitoring, IR thingie, tweaks and adjustments, the amount of updates they release (although it's a bit annoying they are slow at major updates). And the value is ridiculous. For 250€ how much I paid for Xiaomi Mi5 64GB version, I'd maybe get Galaxy J7 2017. Which is quite frankly no match to Kryo CPU cores in Mi5, even if only 4. And I love the dual glass cases. Which Mi5 has :)

Xiaomi is my favourite OEM so I'm pleased to see the high quality, low cost of their phones recognised.

  • Anonymous

Wow gsmarena you told about Xiaomi and not even about nokia smartphones which they receive 5th place according to the source. It signs of nokia back in form. in Q1 2018 nokia not even managed to release their new phone on Europe(Released Only on china) ahead of April hence love to see q2 2018 sales surely Nokia will grow their sales with Nokia 7 Plus(Perfect phone) and Nokia 6.1.
Statement from Source:
“It is not all gloom for the smaller players,” said Lucio Chen, Research Analyst. “Xiaomi and Nokia, under HMD Global, are both relatively new entrants to the European market, but have stormed to fourth and fifth place.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-594740, 09 May 2018Not really. Samsung and Apple are just to big and well rec... moreWell....

Samsung already suffering a big blow in lots of market.

In China, it went from #1 to #10+. From 25% marketshare to 0.8%

In India, Samsung is now #2

In Indonesia, it went from 35% (#1) to 17% (#3)

In Brazil, Russia, Philipine, Malaysia... It market share start 5o erode too....

  • Lightning McQueen

Don't tell me that Xiaomi is really dominating everything. Next time when there's no Apple, Xiaomi will be the big winner, but that will be short lived!!!!

  • Anonymous

where is sony? i dont see sony in the list, but i see huawei and xiaomi

There is a good progress by Nokia!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1825, 09 May 2018This news missed the comment where canalys said iPhone X be... moreYeah, a bit weird to leave that part out but pointing out about the old iPhones. It's obviously more important to write about the iPhone X when they believe it's doing badly :)

  • A Note 4 user

Well, no wonder at all! When Note 4 dies, you cannot buy a decent flagship phone from samsung that would have the FLAT screen. All flaghips have horrible curved edges (that can easily break from the 1st drop and give annoying glares non-stop), crazy screen ratios, some ditch 3.5-mm port... at almost double the price comparing with 3-4 years ago. This is crazy.

I went for Huawei, for the flat screen. Sorry samsung guys.

  • AnonD-594740

RasacL, 09 May 2018Soon, Xiaomi may become no. 1 there tooNo

The market is already saturated for Xiaomi grow at that level.

  • AnonD-594740

AnonD-744353, 09 May 2018I think the first place is a little bit too high for a targ... moreNot really.
Samsung and Apple are just to big and well reconigzed to be afraid of cheaper phones.
Xiaomi is just stealing sales from other companies, mostly chinese or the same old ones (sony, lg, motorola, nokia htc).

Besides, Sammy and Apple have their own "cheap models" too.

  • AnonD-674280

LoL trends in Europe :D

It's what you get and thats all that 18:9 and so on thats on that picture. It's not like you have a choice to buy new phone that have just released or past 6 months and more phones that are not 5.7 to 6.4 inch screens with either 18:9 or 18,5:9 or 19:9 screens. It's like Russian vote system where is only one candidate to chose from so of curse it will win with numbers.

  • AnonD-744353

I think the first place is a little bit too high for a target. If Xiaomi becomes closer to Apple and Samsung in sales, then these too big companies will sell their phones cheaper or give more cost effective opportunities for their costumers. In Germany nobody knows Xiaomi, expect the people that are on the right side of the internet. I'm the only one in my school class that knows Xiaomi, after i told them what their doing and who they are.

  • Anonymous

RasacL, 09 May 2018Soon, Xiaomi may become no. 1 there tooAgree.

Soon, Xiaomi may become no. 1 there too

  • John

If s9+ would priced 100-200 euros cheaper not 950 euros then i would by it but since it is not i'm keeping s7 edge maybe third year or buy something cheaper

  • AnonD-1825

This news missed the comment where canalys said iPhone X been best selling smartphone in EU too Q1.

Good for consumers