Pricey Samsung Galaxy Note hits new highs in benchmarks

06 September, 2011
While the benchmarks scores of this 5.3-inch, dual-core monster are impressive, the pricing isn't.

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  • AnonD-8908

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2011Think about it. There's plenty of room for all sizes and shapes ... moreMe too, but the price. A turndown.

  • AnonD-8908

[deleted post]Hot cakes.

  • AnonD-8908

It Samsung doesn't reduce the price I don't see it selling. There are not a lot of geeks who prefer such a huge screen on a phone. So the market niche for that is small. Also, why get a smartphone for such a high price when one can get a tablet which does more, cheaper?

  • AnonD-2400

WOOOWWW!!! That is really expensive!!!!
Well...Im not buying it anyway...Peace!

  • Anonymous

Is there any sort of stated or reasonably accurate estimate of when this maybe released??

  • Abadi

Can't wait to see this device in the market, unless Apple plan to file law suit... i really hate apple for doing this, from now on its iCrap 4 l!fe

  • Anonymous

We have to spread how stupid this price is to other blogs. Comment on them. Comment on Samsung Facebook. Comment on their twitter. What needs to happen is when someone searches for Samsung Galaxy Note on google, the first pages they see are about people saying how crazily unreasonably expensive it is.

  • Swede

The prices in the Scandinavian countries are always ridiculous. Two examples are Galaxy S2 and Xperia Arc; at launch, they cost 600 ($850) and 550 ($775) respectively here in Sweden.

I really doubt that the price for Galaxy Note will exceed $800 in the US and 600 in other European countries.

  • Anonymous

Think about it. There's plenty of room for all sizes and shapes and colours. Just like in real life it would be pretty sad if you went into a green grocers and found your fruit and veggies were only Apples and Pears and Androids. What about Celery, Durians and Pineapples or Pumpkins. I really like the Note because the big screen is just easier to see and still fits in the shirt or jacket pocket.

  • Anonymous

Gem86, 06 Sep 2011This price can get you a better specced netbook. This price c... moreNot a netbook, but an Ultrabook! Disappointed Samsung, hope you are not losing focus.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2011The pricing seems reasonable if you see it as a minaturisation o... morein addition, its not so mobile anymore....this is like a small tablet. not a mobile phone. i think theres a reason dell streak didnt sell that well. im pretty curious hold long this'll last though....with that big screen, then it'll surely last for only a couple hours.

and if you don't use it that much because of battery life, then theres no point getting this large phone in the first place.

  • sudharshan

man i am now starting to hate this mini tablet phone because it was said in one previous article of this device that the price range would be of somewhere between galaxy S and S2 now it is said that it would be costlier than the ipad 2 so now my decision is to go back to the earlier phone i was waiting to buy that is optimus 3d

  • jj

looks like a posh dell streak 5, and that cost only £199 from tesco

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2011The pricing seems reasonable if you see it as a minaturisation o... morebut im pretty sure packing all that wouldn't be practical right now though.....a slightly lower spec'd phone thats $200-300 cheaper would probably be just as enjoyable to use (in terms of speed, etc...)

  • Anonymous

True to form, another Samsung phone every week. When will they realise you just cannot buy a market. Did not work for Nokia and will not work from Samsung.

  • Morten

In Norway the most expensive iPad is NOK 6490 ($1210) in Norway. The Galaxy S2 was app. 5000NOK ($933) when launched.

  • Gem86

This price can get you a better specced netbook.

This price can get you a Sandy Bridge i7 laptop with dedicated GPU, too.

In other words: this price, is ridiculous. If you intend to pay it up, well, your loss.

  • Anonymous

The pricing seems reasonable if you see it as a minaturisation of a tablet but looks expensive if you see it as a large plastic container with a pimped up GalaxyS2+ rattling around inside. It seems to be overlooked that the challenge used to be how to stuff all the components into ever smaller containers. But not anymore. In fact its getting easier and easier with big screen smartphones. So it should be cheaper not dearer.

  • AnonD-21028

c'mon's cheaper than the most expensive iPhone anf far much better an i think the final price in non scandinavian countries will be around 650 euros

  • Ricky (Sweden)

Hello GSM and all the readers.

I'd like to comment the thing you called "Bad news" which was the pricing.

I'd just like to tell you, that 6000 SEK which was the swedish price, is the normal price for recently released products. That doesn't matter that the price will be the same in for example the US. 6000 SEK isn't unusual here, since we our countries has good economies. You should not worry about that pricing, the Galaxy SII had the same price when it was released here, but quickly dropped. It'll be the same with this one.