YouTube's new feature will help you spend less time watching videos of cats on your phone

12 May 2018
YouTube has a new "take a break" feature.

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Anonymous, 12 May 2018How about the dark ui that's been promised for a long time ... moreI'm using a modded YouTube app for the dark UI. Google should provide it on their official android app.

  • AnonD-296725

pls fix the damn site first still slow af on ms edge broswer

  • Yep

luqman98, 13 May 2018already being worked on, there is hidden dark ui in yt app ... moreYou don't need any of that. The feature is already included on the app which you can download from App Store and Google Play Store

  • Anonymous

Google programmers coming up with more useless features

rdcanfs, 13 May 2018Night mode feature on android please...already being worked on, there is hidden dark ui in yt app that you need to enable with root access. not sure when it will be available to public

or you can install modded youtube apk that has dark mode although most of them has some limitations compared to official app

  • Xoop

Just what we need: even more nannying from stupid devices.

Anybody using YouTube vanced.
Is there something better than that available?

they want less watching video but at same time they recommend another video

  • Anonymous

Its official: They're out of ideas.

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rdcanfs, 13 May 2018Night mode feature on android please...Most of the latest phone have a nightmode built-in already anyway.

Night mode feature on android please...

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AnonD-625621, 12 May 2018I guess this is because if reliance jio in India here.... i... moreMost ISPs (Reliance Jio being no exception) serve YouTube videos from their own caching servers. Which is why the popular/trending videos tend to give better streaming performance (more likely to be cached) compared to relatively obscure videos which have higher inclination of being served directly from Google servers. Thus, these caching servers bear bulk of the load, instead of YouTube servers.

sadh, 12 May 2018WHO doesnt love procastinating, huh?Hahaha same!

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Good feature I think. Better than having nothing.

  • Anonymous

How about the dark ui that's been promised for a long time now? Of course the iOS version was released as soon as they announced it

  • AnonD-674280

Would be nice to get filters in the Youtube where you can choose a language the videos have. What i hate the most is that people set video names in English but content is either in Russian or Indian or even Chinese. Want to see some phone review they are mostly Indian or Chinese or Russian and all of them usually have English names on. And better options of video times. There is either short under 4 minutes or long over 20 minutes. I want something that is between 10 to 20 minutes but cant have them in filters too. Makes no sense to have them in filters for the first place.

WHO doesnt love procastinating, huh?

I found this more useless than interesting.
If a youtube tells you you watched more than enough and you just click on X and continue watching means nothing.

  • man of culture

I thought it was about redtub *cough*
I mean youtubeRED