Microsoft Apps for Symbian get announced, we rub our eyes

08 September, 2011
Microsoft's productivity apps will become native for Symbian. We wonder if more are on the way.

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  • BOB

Hope we Microsoft Apps for Nokia E63 also. It would be wonderful

  • AnonD-18876

watch out nokia is back to sweep BB nd iphone out of nigeria nd d world. thnks nok

  • miscof

i think every manufacturer whether nokia or samsung or zte should focus more on hardwares, a platform that can boot whatever os that is available...

  • AnonD-12210

Diya, 12 Sep 2011i think nokia are losing the market, they thought they own ... moreits never too late for nokia. Even after elop declared symbian 'dead' ,it has sold(not shipped) more smartphones than samsung.Next yr will be the yr of nokia when wp phones n n801 will invade the industry!

  • AnonD-12210

Prajith, 12 Sep 2011Whether nokia dont want symbian os give it to samsung.they ... moreif nokia joins android it will create a no-contest situation again. Why samsung r nt able to sell their bada os ?

  • Prajith

Whether nokia dont want symbian os give it to samsung.they will do a good work on it.

  • Diya

i think nokia are losing the market, they thought they own the market, they start to produce cheap phones.
Even their join venture with Microsoft was not good to bring them back their old repetition, if I were them ill conceder android as the best option to improve their products.

  • jack1059

Sorry, but im just so not interested in nokia and wp7. Unless you're going for your own ecosystem, ah la symbian or meego, you're just another hand set manufacturer with a generic OS. Argue all you want, but that's the state of it. Nokia will turn into the handset arm of MS unless they have their own independant ecosystem of apps / software. I'll hang with nokia for the N9 if it looks right in the stores, after that its farewell.

  • NicOS

An unfairly condemned system unexpectedly gets parole!
Good news for us sympathizing it.

  • Anonymous

i ahve left symbian for dead.. and for me it is.

my next phone will be an android!

BUT.. before i DO endup buying a phone next year, What about my N86?

Where is my updates!?

RIP Symbian!
and say hello to Android!!!

  • yalomed

good hardware is the key to good performance, no matter how good the softwares installed in a phone is if its battery, processor, ram, display, and so on is not that of the "apple" ones, its not good enough. i wish nokia will focus on their hardwares, especially the battery and ram. i would like to see nokia build a dual core processor not exceeding 1ghz (for power efficiency), at least 1gb ram, at least a "li-po" 2500mah battery, SAMOLED screen not exceeding 3.3" in diagonal (so that the phone would consume less power), a gpu with processing speed just like that of a psp, and of course it can support a memory card, has wlan, at least a 5mp auto-focus camera with xenon flash, most importantly is open sourced.

  • AnonD-1420

GrainySnapshot, 12 Sep 2011It is absolutely amazing that Stephen Elop announced that N... moreit is a bit surprising, but I think it's because Nokia spun S^3 off to Accenture, who is clearly better at OS development than Nokia. Maybe they should have done it sooner?

In any case, it's good that they're not just leaving their loyal customers on the kerb with a dead horse! :--D

  • GrainySnapshot

It is absolutely amazing that Stephen Elop announced that Nokia's focus is to move to Windows Phone 7 and since then, Symbian has had a more active and fertile time than ever before. Also, despite his announcement, Nokia's first Meego device looks amazing to everyone who has seen it. I cannot wait for Nokia and Microsoft next to announce jointly that all Microsoft apps will be made available for Meego. Stevo says "Oh sure, they're dead, but we want the corpses to look nice".

  • affy

well...its been along time since i moved to a droid...n yes droid phones do let u mingle n play wid alot of stuff..its fun all the way.
having said that...for me Nokia always hold a special first phone was a Nokia...and its downfall over the recent years doesnt please me...but it seems they are up n fightin back again wid small but potential upgrades...meego is what i look forward too...hopefully when the real smartphones from Nokia roll out ill be back......n iam a Samsung Gt P1000 user it...but yet ill never loose respect for the Finnies..

  • crazy fan of nokia

n9 will be the best smartphone .....b.cose it has great features..........and running meego beats alll smartphones

  • Symbian_Miraa

Proof symbian is not dead and still surviving. I wish Nokia will continue using it's own trademark OS and keeping it up with great updates and I'm sure they'll surpass Android and iOS in the future.

  • AnonD-21642

nokia is coming out again n9 anna belle and now MSOFFICE is very see that rock nokia every one could use what for but anyone will use the best for himself but for us users nokia is coming a great tyme again

  • Maori

naijasaint, 10 Sep 2011Nokia is obviously the best smartphone maker. There are jus... moreI was forced to check yr mailing name after reading yr comment, omo nija, as well as i love nokia, d company is failing to leave up to expectations.

  • naijasaint

Nokia is obviously the best smartphone maker. There are just two smartphones in the world - nokia and the rest.

  • AnonD-616

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2011If it has Symbian/WP7 then it will still be fail, regardles... morehow can the fait ? how you know that ? let nokia 801 comes after that you will see >> 801 successfull or fail >>