HTC U12+ brings a dual camera, HDR10 display and Snapdragon 845

23 May 2018
The model builds on the foundations of the U11+ and keeps all the best parts: IP68, stereo speakers, noise-canceling headphones.

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Stallion, 23 May 2018so if the phone has a notch, there should be a chin? if no ... moreThat Apex you're talking about was a CONCEPT device.

The supposedly production-ready Apex has a CHIN. At the bottom. Where the selfie camera is.

So like Xiaomi Mi Mix, you'll have to FLIP your phone to take a selfie. How ridiculous is that?

Rip with this prices, LG understood and made decent price with LG G7, but HTC is still are in dream land, no 3.5 no amoled 850 dollars, you got to be joking

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Anonymous, 23 May 2018But runs on Android, so I can't use it. Nice, very nice, HT... moreYou should buy Motorola DynaTAC!
The most secure phone there is!

  • Mike B

peachy001, 24 May 2018They bring a lot. What they, and others need to do is remem... moreAgreed. I believe they battery size is smaller than the U11+, but similar to the U11, and the U11 had better battery performance than the U11+. I wonder if the U12+ found a better way to manage it and get better performance out of a lesser battery than the U11+. Hoping the screen gets returns to the U11 form or even one up's it.

I also wish they would go wireless charging, because quite frankly I've never had that feature and would like to know what it is like! That being said, I won't buy a phone just for that feature. I've heard cons (slow charging time, bad for the battery in the long run). Is that why some flagships aren't offering it, or is it just laziness? HTC U12+ already has the glass back, so I can't think of any other reason why not...

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Merwyn Fernandes, 23 May 2018By Indian Standards , This is a super premium flagship so y... moreI believe it is so super premium that no carrier wants it in US. oh wait.. don't they carry 999 usd iphones?

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Mike B, 24 May 2018What HTC is doing with is edge sense technology is absolute... moreThey bring a lot. What they, and others need to do is remember the basics. Battery size, screen quality, wireless charging, audio, cameras, they all need to be on point. If they are, then they can gamble with other stuff. Sadly, the battery "may" be an issue here, as is wireless charging. If they USB audio is excellent, and I hear it is, then they get a jack pass. But no wireless charging and a mediocre battery size (for an lcd) is foolish. There are unlikely to be many buyers, that buy only for the new buttons. LG got the cameras and screen wrong in the V30, the rest was gorgeous. Put the U12 features in a V40, true flagship.

too expensive for a HTC. nice device, seems powerful and seems the camera does the job done but seriously HTC is fighting agains Giants like Samsung, Google, Huawei, Apple, LG and SONY. with this price range there will be no chance for HTC.

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Anonymous, 23 May 2018Boring colors and front bezel should be painted to same col... moreWhat HTC is doing with is edge sense technology is absolutely innovation. Mocked for being a gimmick last year (it wasn't), those people really should be eating their words. The double tap on the side to bring a smaller screen towards the thumb makes using one hand on a 6" screen with 18:9 ratio easy. That solves one of the top complaints about this trend to move away from 5.3" screens to larger ones.

Great camera (four of them this time), great look (the black is beautiful and classy, the translucent blue looks awesome), they bring arguably the best sound in the business with their stereo set-up in addition to the 3D audio recording (zoom in on where the sound is emanating and the phone actually enhances that sound). Not to mention they supply the best in-box headphones on the market.

While the U12+ isn't without it's faults, but no phone is. But to ignore what it is bringing to the market makes it obvious you just want to hate HTC, not this phone.

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Anonymous, 23 May 2018HTC can you delay your shipping dates and add wireless char... moreI wish.

Anonymous, 23 May 2018Never HTC device for me again after my U11 experience (bugs... morewhy dont you send it to htc? if you bought it in europe you have 2 years warranty. i've android 8.0 for a long time...secury patchs sucks...still with november 2017. but its still smooth as butter and 0 bugs here...

peachy001, 23 May 2018Agreed. Could have nailed it.and it would cost 900 euros at least...since htc cant buy oled panels cheap.....

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Anonymous, 23 May 2018If they just added wireless charging and oled display, this... moreAgreed. Could have nailed it.

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HTC can you delay your shipping dates and add wireless charging before you sell to the market?

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If they just added wireless charging and oled display, this phone would be 🔥🔥🔥 absolutely the perfect flagship 2018

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Anonymous, 23 May 2018Boring colors and same front bezel color as the back. Boring colors and front bezel should be painted to same color as back. Black front should only be available with black glass back surface.By today's standards it's just another flagship like the others. There is no innovation in phones these days. They absolutely look all alike. The design choices have become so copied and accepted that phones look too generic. And sadly, with these bland designs and the exactly same technology that is inside every other flagship phone, brands still charge us an unacceptable price.

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Boring colors and same front bezel color as the back.

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Never HTC device for me again after my U11 experience (bugs galore + it bricks away any firmware update, hence l'm stuck in the straight out of the box security patch October 2017 and Android version 7.1.1). This is possibly the effect of transferring 2000 engineers to Google, presumably the cream of HTC engineers. I also don't like the narrow (NOT tall) 18:9 screen. I'll wait for the Sony XZ2 premium.

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htc we need a 5.2- 5.5 inch flagship device with 18:9

What's the point of the glass back when you have no wireless charging? Now it's more fragile for no benefit at all.

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SohailSays, 23 May 2018What an amazing phone but No 3.5 mm headphone jack, no buy.Who needs a 3.5mm Jack where HTC always provides their superior U-Sonic USB-C earphones? If only they make headphones out of this tech.