HTC U12+ gets benchmarked with Snapdragon 845 and 6GB of RAM

22 May 2018
The Taiwanese company's next flagship smartphone will be officially unveiled tomorrow.

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What is so special about Geekbench and why is every phone running it? These numbers don't say anything. Just a digital d*#k-measuring contest.

  • Demy

The price is a joke, perhaps next years it'll drops enough to considere it. But then new models will be available with more desirable features.

  • Anonymous

Apart from lack of 3.5mm jack can't see problem to buy this phone..

Looks beautiful. Cant wait to see the real pics. I wish though manufacturers could make a choice of no glass backs so we can enjoy the handset without being an unsightly grease trap

  • Berry

AnonD-34062, 22 May 2018Nice to see a flagship without a notch.Hhuhmm, Nice to see a 2 year old outdated design that's good at Nothing....

  • AnonD-34062

Nice to see a flagship without a notch.

  • peachy001

Can I ask that GSM hurry up with a battery review? Eager to see how it does.