Xiaomi Redmi 6 pops up on TENAA

23 May 2018
The phone with model number M1804C3DE will have 5.45” screen with 18:9 ratio and a 3,000 mAh battery.

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Too ugly to be true

    • S
    • Srikanth
    • D0b
    • 28 May 2018

    Its not redmi .its just a rumour with other duplicate smart phone .

      maybe it is redmi 6A

        What OS is that even
        The icons are from android Kitkat or maybe even older
        It's not even running MiUI, which I can understand in a prototype
        But that looks too fake


            • J
            • Jason Melling
            • uBU
            • 24 May 2018


              • D
              • AnonD-426158
              • XPI
              • 24 May 2018

              What the **** ugly phone. Bulshit colour

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • X}8
                • 24 May 2018

                It will support swipe gesture just like all 18:9 xiaomi phone or more precise iPhone X.

                But the white front + notch make it difficult to hide it trough softeare just like LG G7

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • PGg
                  • 24 May 2018

                  the clock and the bluetooth icon got cut. i'm tired with redmi's back cover design. this has to be the worst redmi device since 1S and 2.

                    Merwyn Fernandes, 23 May 2018Perfect phone for the Indian market. Front is a iPhone X... moreHence proved, paranoidism is very high among sheeps about Xiaomi.

                      • D
                      • AnonD-746978
                      • ns{
                      • 23 May 2018

                      Maybe as stated over at gizmochina, it will be a redmi 6a, or something or another s/y maybe.

                        On screen menu buttons+notch where is the space to watch?

                          • D
                          • AnonD-519803
                          • snN
                          • 23 May 2018

                          I have redmi 5, this is comedy....

                            • A
                            • Andy
                            • 39x
                            • 23 May 2018

                            5.45" with a notch is unacceptable. Who's gonna get that over the redmi 5 or 5 plus?

                              • s
                              • sakule
                              • nUk
                              • 23 May 2018

                              soooo fake

                                • D
                                • AnonD-508909
                                • tT9
                                • 23 May 2018

                                I'm not complaining about notch but MI brand sucks
                                Why did you copy nokia X6 truly just to stop them or you are great.Mi has given many redmi series mobile and stll not all monthly upgrade are worst March and April upgrade are totally same as you just changed the date for Redmi note 3 and Redmi 3s.One more thing to stay to introducing all new mobiles beause you guys need to give some proper upgrade
                                You guys said you are going to giver miui 9 with all nougat features and there is no features of nougat just few you guys missing split screen and all but you guys batter draining system is really fast 10minutes 15% batter down.
                                Are you guys following APPLE footpaths they did with processor you guys doing with batter just to force to buy new mobiles of yours.
                                I'll pay more money to buy same spec phone but I'll not buy a redmi mobile due to their sucking upgrades heating issues on miui9.5

                                  • D
                                  • AnonD-744321
                                  • D9q
                                  • 23 May 2018

                                  I will tell you what really happened
                                  Xiaomi REALLY wants to make a notch phone but they didn't know how to do it
                                  now with them knowing expect EVERY SINGLE Xiaomi phone will have a notch
                                  worst of all the notch doesn't display the notification correctly (look at the watch and the blutoth icon)

                                    • G
                                    • Galecsey
                                    • PRW
                                    • 23 May 2018

                                    The notch is very... Ugly.. and why they have the Google search widget that came from Android Gingerbread? It certainly gives me an eyesore..

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 0xU
                                      • 23 May 2018

                                      ugly af

                                        God, what's uglier than an asymmetrical phone with notch and chin?

                                        The answer must be this phone in white color and black bezel around the screen, yuck!