HTC U12+'s promo video showcases the device's key selling points

23 May 2018
The promo video shows how the updated Edge Sense 2 and dual-cameras work.

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  • ME

Too bad they are wayyyyy too expensive!
Especially compared to the latest Sammy 9+
Sammy prices already dropped a little and it offers so much more - Gorgeous AMOLED screen, AKG stereo sound, Wireless Charging, 3.5m audio jack etc...
The only downside to Samsung is its slow and bloated software compared to the amazingly fast SenseUI and those touch gestures are fantastic!!!
I wish HTC would start making AMOLED phones, that will be enough for me to switch to HTC...

Finally HTC released a good phone worth its price...unlike it over priced bs they been trying to sell for the past couple of years

  • Love the Community

Anonymous, 24 May 2018RIP HTC you wont be missed, DOA.Lul, it's never Dead on Arrival when it comes to HTC flagships. It's the Samsung Exynos 7870 (now entry level SoC) phones with low midrange prices, yeah that's DOA material.

  • Anonymous

But I was waiting for him to plunge the phone into the glass of water

  • edgy

touch that edge!

  • Anonymous

RIP HTC you wont be missed, DOA.

the back reminded me of the LG V30 design!

Than Galaxy S6 Edge?
That feels like a blade holding on your hand?
Joke aside, it's a good device for enthusiasts wanting another company to shine through the market.