HTC U12+'s promo video showcases the device's key selling points

Ro, 23 May 2018

If you already read our extensive hands-on review of the newly announced HTC U12+, you probably know what the phone is about.

However, if you prefer to hear more from HTC itself, this newly released promo video will take you through its key selling points in 5 minutes. You'll learn all about the updated Edge Sense 2 gestures that now also include double tapping on the side edge of the phone.

The video continues with the camera setup that consists of a 16MP sensor with telephoto sensor (f/2.6) capable of 2x lossless zoom and a 12MP wide angle (f/1.75) using HTC's UltraPixel technology.

The cameras are aided by laser autofocus and PDAF for blazing fast and accurate focus. During a video shoot, the array of four microphones can adjust so it captures the sound from the spot you are zooming on.

HTC used two cameras on the front as well for better bokeh-style portrait photos. No matter which set of cameras you use, you can change the focus point after you've taken the shot. Other noticeable features include 4K@60fps video capture and 240fps 1080p slow-motion videos. Enjoy the video!


Reader comments

  • ME

Too bad they are wayyyyy too expensive! Especially compared to the latest Sammy 9+ Sammy prices already dropped a little and it offers so much more - Gorgeous AMOLED screen, AKG stereo sound, Wireless Charging, 3.5m audio jack etc... The only d...

Finally HTC released a good phone worth its price...unlike it over priced bs they been trying to sell for the past couple of years

  • Love the Community

Lul, it's never Dead on Arrival when it comes to HTC flagships. It's the Samsung Exynos 7870 (now entry level SoC) phones with low midrange prices, yeah that's DOA material.