Nokia's first WP7 device may not be released this year?

13 September, 2011
Reportedly, Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 device may miss this year's mark skipping to Q1 2012.

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  • AnonD-18047

this is actually very disappointing, i dont really know why they are holding back like this, nokia is failing, and MS's long wait to release mango to the general public is also actually very frustrating.

  • gregg003

yes, it will miss Christmas season in some market but will not in some

  • Frenchmen

I have decided to get Nokia 701. I think Symbian is great with the updates and coming Micosoft full package support. Who needs WP7?

  • Anonymous

nokia looooosing!

  • Anonymous

the phone looks FUGLY!!!

  • Anonymous

make sure it is well diatributed to Nigeria onlike recent products that wasn't circulated e.g nokia 700

  • AnonD-21465

Hm same hardware as N9, I would rather take the N9.

  • CJS

Hmm, 13 Sep 2011Long wait for a failed OSJust because it didn't instantaneously eclipse the combined efforts of iOS and Android from day one does not indicate failure.

  • Anonymous

Symbian Belle is vastly superior to Windows Phone in terms of functionality. Windows Phone is just not yet ready to be deployed on Nokia hardware. Even iOS 4 is a lot more advanced than Windows Phone Mango.

  • no

I've refrained from posting here for a while but this is bloody rediculous. Its been known for a while that it won't launch in Australia until Q1 2011 because we have the N9.

Only the 6 European countries originally mentioned in June will get it this year. That includes the UK and obviously does not include the US which won't get a WP device until next year.

  • Hmm

Long wait for a failed OS

  • Anonymous

i am really wating for this shmart Phone its really qute.

  • shunsheinae

exciting ! this is really a good news ^_^ but it will come 2012 ? SAD ! :(

  • PIN

Nokia ...... MARK my words ......YOU are out of smartphone business , NOW...... THis is delay shows your incompetency...

  • AnonD-1981

Hmmm. NOKIA N9 will rock in 4th Q.
Good move to leave space for MeeGo N9.