LG G6 Oreo update rolling out in Europe

25 May 2018
South Korea was the first country to get the update and recently, US carrier Verizon also started pushing it out.

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  • Ace

Only US has bright mode from camera in Oreo update. Not in Europe.

  • Francis

Any h870s users here that have Oreo update notif? Thanks

  • Joseph

Oreo update started rolling out here in Croatia ! :)

  • Grenouille

Received an OTA update notification just now on my unlocked G6. Presume this is for Oreo as it's a biggie.

  • LeeS

Just checked for updates on my LG G6 and it's updated to 8.0.0!!

  • Dennis

Got the update in The Netherlands may 23rd.

Tried ota and bridge on my h870DS in the uk, but none

  • Vijay

When Oreo update rolling out in india ?????

Brandstifter, 26 May 2018As far as I know Samsung has no issues with bootloader unlo... moreMan i really dont think so.
Its same android.
Mui is not excellent nor is Samsung bloatware included in android.
Apple IOS is even worse case.
But updates of OS should be immediately allowed for upgrade as soon as new OS is released for any brand.
My Moto X4 has been released with android nougat but after less than a 2 months from release i got an oreo.
Thats what i call speed.

CptPower, 25 May 2018Grats LG is even worse in aftersales and support than Samsu... moreAs far as I know Samsung has no issues with bootloader unlock (I'm not sure though, I've never owned one), while LG only allows you unlock certain variants. So with Samsung you can unlock it and flash a community firmware without all the bloat. With LG you have no choice.
Xiaomi software support doesn't count as a big advantage though, anyway the default firmware is quite alien for people outside of China, so for most of them it's rather an enthusiast-targeted phone which you flash with a community firmware as soon as you get it (except Mi A1, of course).

  • Nick

Just updated in Baltics
Unfortunately no bokeh effect from G7 I wished.
LG, cameras are almost the same, please add bokeh to G5,G6, V20, V30

Any updates on when the update will reach out to the Indian buyers :(

  • Anonymous

Also in Italy!

  • Anonymous

Switzerland 👍🏻 rolling for 2 days

[deleted post]Man i hate for reason not for purpose because i must.

  • Tomaber

I updated H870 yesterday in UK via bridge But:
- automatically switch on/off WiFi doesn't work
- picture in picture doesn't work
- removed automatically switch on battery saver
- H870 unlocked version can't use voLTE and WiFi Calling (other manufacturers can sort it)
- there is no promised 8.1 version
- there is no ThinkQ

Battery life looks OK I didn't notice difference at the moment
Looks like here is Android 8.0 without android oreo features, with problems with voLTE and WiFi Calling and without ThinkQ

Got it from LG BRIDGE 2 days Ago

  • Tony M

I got it last week with Rogers (Canada). For the first few days, the battery would die in half a day without much usage. I had to restart the phone a few times and clear my cache and now it seems fine.

Grats LG is even worse in aftersales and support than Samsung.
It took 1 year to wait for samsung Users to get an Oreo and much over 2 for an S7 models.
But in case of LG their last year flagship took 1 year and 3 months to get an oreo update where oreo was released almost a year ago.
This companies are really incompetent.
They all needs penalty and a good some billion fine for no aftersales support.
Then they will realise what wrong they did.
Unless that chinese companies like Lenovo Motorola, Xiaomi will always offers outstanding support and suplements for their devices.

  • Sentry

Got the update on a unlocked Uk G6 using LG Bridge.