LG G6 Oreo update rolling out in Europe

25 May 2018
South Korea was the first country to get the update and recently, US carrier Verizon also started pushing it out.

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  • Justy

Not hitting my H870DS in UK yet!

  • AnonD-241270

AnonD-703827, 25 May 2018Not in Finland yet.maybe if you try connect the phone on PC and use LG Bridge to have the update, via OTA maybe is not release for your country yet.

  • AnonD-241270

"the G6 update will also include some AI features from the V30s ThinQ."

LIE! Please GSMArena correct this because the update didnt came with that "AI" feature, in any means so...

Yes the update arrive in EU last wednesday not today, via LG Bridge but OTA i dont know but maybe today sure.

  • ZloiYuri

8.0? Not even 8.1???

Kangal, 25 May 2018I've got an unlocked one. It's stuck on Android 7.0, last ... moreI have same problem too. just my security update is January 1 2018

  • Kangal

I've got an unlocked one.
It's stuck on Android 7.0, last security update 1 October 2017. Just tried a manual update, it says that "I'm running the latest software".

Pathetic, but then again I've bought 11 months ago for US$350, much better and cheaper than the OnePlus 5.

  • AnonD-703827

Not in Finland yet.