LG Q7 Stylus+ to debut in Taiwan soon

28 May 2018
LG LM-Q710 got certified by the Taiwanese communications' commission.

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G7 mini with Stylus?
You can't even compete Samsung with their midrange releases though!

Anonymous, 28 May 2018Too sad can't compete with Zenfone and Xiaomi phones.O, it can. They just have to prise it adequately (but they won't)

  • Anonymous

You give phone a bad name lg....Bon Jovi.

  • Anonymous

Too sad can't compete with Zenfone and Xiaomi phones.

  • LG Stylus 3 user

And my Stylus 3 is still stuck on 7.0 November 2017 security patch. I'll never buy another LG phone because of the lack of updates.

  • LG Biggest Fan

LG Mobile President sayd they will not launch useless phones (low and mid range) when not necessary but now this...

Meh, LG only sell high end because the price, mid and low end have no price to deal with Xiaomi or Meizu so is DOA at this point.

Still better prices and specs against Sammycrappy low and mid so...GO LG.