Stephen Elop: First Nokia WP devices to come in Q4 2011

14 September, 2011
The first Nokia Windows Phone devices are still on track for a Q4 2011 release contrary to rumors.

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  • Nokia fan

If nokia wp7 phone does not come with bluethoot file transfer, wireless hotspot, usb on-the-go and f.m reciever/transmitter, i will not buy it. I will rather buy n701.

  • Lax

NO BLUETOOTH FILE TRANSFER IN WINDOWS 7 MANGO?!!. Thats just bul -sh**t. Why did nokia choose an os that dont give the most important thing nokia fans want '' FreeDom!!!'. This alone will spell WP7's doom and nokias demise. I love nokia but what stops me from buying an iphone if i cant get what i want from their phone.

  • AnonD-9845

nokia will have to release a wp7 device as soon as possible.

if they dont, its not android or iOS that will kill winphone, but belle. public acceptance of nokia still swings in symbian's favor so the later wp phones comes the more fans will stay with symbian.

  • iKing

The new Windows 7 OS is fantastic, as soon as Nokia release their first handset it'll sell like crazy.

Pushing the handset back is just building anticipation.

Watch this space.

  • Bailey

Nokia signed off on the WP7 in March and they will be releasing a phone in October. Whilst changing the set up of the company and people, around the world that's actually really quick. Yes it doesn't seem like because we hear about everyday.

Personally though I just think the Sea Ray is just ok nothing special. But he did say devices so i will have to wait and see. I think next year will be more interesting as Slop said they will be releasing 12 phones in total.

  • Anonymous

mr flop haha so true why does nokia hold onto wp7 to be the savour of the company its getting bad from worse for us nokia users im not feeling this anymore im going to apple next:)

  • Ashura

AnonD-11450, 15 Sep 2011Ok then post whatever or howmuch you want about android or anyth... moreNo i wont because this is not about Android this is about Nokia and wp7

  • Rangerboy

Silver Jet, 15 Sep 2011Thanks Ranger boy! RELEASE the damn Windows phone ASAP, its... moreNokia should hire Steve Jobs! I bet he wouldn't mind turning around Nokia one more thing.. i mean time..

  • Silver Jet

rangerboy, 15 Sep 2011You said it best silverjet! What's taking so long to release... moreThanks Ranger boy!

RELEASE the damn Windows phone ASAP, its now or never. I suggest to Mr. ELOP that he should consider outsourcing the hardware manufacturing to HTC or Samsung like what Google did with the first android phone that was made by HTC.

Its that simple, buy the hardware from HTC and put your damn Nokia logo and run windows 7.... JUST to appease and win back your lost customers and appease your stockholders.

  • rangerboy

You said it best silverjet!

What's taking so long to release that windows phone Mr. ELop?? Nokia has been changing CEOs faster than releasing that damm Windows 7 mobile phone. Apple is about to release the IPHONE5 next month and nokia is still gaga over that unreleased WP7 phone specs which is probably considered obsolete by the time the iPhone 5 gets released next month. Maybe thats the reason Nokia can't release the Windows phone (HARDWARE), because it cannot catch up with the competitions specs. by the time Nokia is about to release a dual core phone the competition is already releasing quad core phones.....

  • lbo

Meego Revolution, 15 Sep 2011You didn't actually believe Elop when he said that did you?right, he sounds like a salesman promoting his company's product to the chinese market, he kept saying "we are very excited about that" to both windowsphone & meego N9, maybe he still think the meego sucks but he knew meegoN9 had good feedback from not only china but also the world, he should play well his role the ceo of nokia and less depend on ms.

symbian, android, ios is not enough for the world, we need something else, meego will very likely to become one good OS choice.

  • L

Adrian, 14 Sep 2011No one can deny the success Nokia had in the past, or he must be... moresymbian is the real smartphone just lack a good ecosystem..

  • AnonD-11450

Ashura, 14 Sep 2011Nokia fans do the exact same thing.and since when are Android fa... moreOk then post whatever or howmuch you want about android or anything afterall who cares people will do what they want:-)..

  • AnonD-11450

blazer, 14 Sep 2011and btw im not even that much of an android fan and yes nokia wi... moreHello mr elop doesnt own nokia got it... He is a CEO thats it he cant sell nokia;-) if he resigns also who cares another ceo will come.... Just like steve jobs left and we talked about him for somedays noW he is past... Thats all cos there is no such thing called turning back in the world of corporate

  • Sun Down

AnonD-1082, 14 Sep 2011Thank You Elop! I am now certain that Android will be slain befo... moreObvious troll is obvious, making Nokia fans look bad.

  • silver Jet

Throw a surprise move Mr. Elop, release the damn WP phone next month. There seems to be too much bureaucracy and politics at Nokia's production and marketing departments. Samsung and HTC has been churning out brand new phones (Android and WP7 mobile OS) almost every month, tsktsktsk....

  • Eason

Steven Elop killed Windows Phone 7, TOOO LONG!

  • Meego Revolution

lbo, 14 Sep 2011he finally realized and excited about Meego N9, he finally heard... moreYou didn't actually believe Elop when he said that did you?

  • Anonymous

feed back u get from consumers, its they want a n9.

wp7 is a failure.

  • djsnips

blazer, 14 Sep 2011and btw im not even that much of an android fan and yes nokia wi... moreim going toassume that you are not from Europe.
Nokia are still one of the biggest manafactures out doing sony erricson, lg, blackberry and here in england i havent seen a motorola in a store for about 4 years.
So as long as wp7 is a decent OS then nokia will have no problems.