Stephen Elop: First Nokia WP devices to come in Q4 2011

14 September, 2011

While in China negotiating business with major operators there Stephen Elop has went on record in an interview saying that the first Nokia Windows Phone devices will become available in Q4. He also added that availability will occur in a rollout that Nokia will sequence - one country after another.

This is great news and certainly clarifies yesterday's pseudo-official rumor that we'll have to wait until Q1 of 2012 - it now looks as though that concerns Australia only.

Elop also confirmed that his visit to China is in part concerned with negotiating the launch of the WP7 Nokia devices there, although he didn't specify as to which exactly.

Nokia's CEO also added that there will be areas of the upcoming WP7 devices that will be Nokia-provided. He gave navigation, mapping and entertainment as examples, which will make the product "uniquely Nokia".

Here's the video itself - it's only 6 minutes long.

Well, we can hardly wait. Common sense again points to an announcement at the Nokia World event at the end of October.

Source (translated) | Via