Nokia 6301 hits on UMA

20 Sep, 2007
Nokia officially revealed a spanking new handset to feature UMA. Nokia 6301 is a revamped version of the successful thin bar Nokia 6300. Visually, Nokia 6301 is almost the same as its predecessor...

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  • Anonymous

and yet another *improvement* Phone from Nokia ! Nokia Make the Phone's good in the First Place ...

i soppose if you want 3G then buy the 6233 or 6288

for fashion the Original 6300 is the 1 to Buy

the Only differences which differ from the 6300 and 6301 are *30MB Memory and Wi-Fi UMA*

  • Anonymous

Make it WIfi only !!!!!

  • Anonymous

i agree... 3G coverage is wider than WLAN.
and i wonder why this phone has Wifi/WLAN and no 3G?
i mean, you can't just switch to 3G network, if there's no WLAN available around you.

  • Steve

I don't understand why this phone is still only 2G! It was the only serious flaw of the 6300, so to overlook this again is really bizarre.

  • Martynas

interesting, how they will manage the energy consumption issues, because i own a 6300 for almost a year, and the problem is i never leave home without a charger. Baterry may become to weak for WIFI... ? maybe

  • sameh

great set guys i will buy it when it hits the market

  • Nenad

I think that this model will hit all the brand on the market.


  • carlo

Numero uno!!!