Google Pixel 3 to skip the notch, Pixel 3 XL will have it

04 June 2018
The leak says the smaller phone will have 5.3” screen, while the bigger version will be 6.2” in diagonal.

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  • 27 Apr 2020

The mountain will fall down, the water will flow, and you will never fall

    matt00112233, 05 Jun 2018No one saying that Apple was the first one to come up with ... moreMan Samsung LG still use jack.
    And jack should be ditched long time ago. Someone just had to make the first move.
    Jak was boring fro beggining.
    Being wired from toes to end of hair is ridiculous.
    Do i look like Ramses? Bandaged from toe to forehead? :-)

    Another exapmle Apple dont use SD cards and they never intend to use and still others using sd card slots.
    Apple using amoled instead of own retina copied from Samsung.
    Many techs of apple come from Samsung.
    Everybody copy everybody. Only motomods are trully unique and noone else copy.
    Soon Nokia brings his Nokia 10 with 6 camera setup and all will copy Nokia.

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      • peter
      • SuJ
      • 05 Jun 2018

      FYI the second generation Pixels already have stereo speakers.

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        • Kangal
        • uCX
        • 05 Jun 2018

        Thab33f, 04 Jun 2018nooooooooooo. I concur.


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          • 0uI
          • 05 Jun 2018

          No wireless charging? I'll pass

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            • fBh
            • 05 Jun 2018

            Is the Headphone jack still missing despite all mocking from google.. If so .. its better to concede now than to fail again in the market

              DJ. Grand Theft Audi, 05 Jun 2018Hope it has a headphone jackSorry bruh. The Pixel 2/XL doesn't have it anymore. Don't expect it to come again, but maybe the front speakers will be improved IMO.

                CptPower, 04 Jun 2018Man apple wasnt the first phone with the notch omg. No one saying that Apple was the first one to come up with the notch but let's be real and honest, as soon as Apple is copying something or does something similar to another company it becomes a trend and all manufacturers follow the "trend"

                For example: After that Apple has ditched the headphone jack with the iphone7/7 Plus, notice how everyone was scared that manufacturers such as LG, Google, Samsung... will also ditch the headphone jack with their new flagships

                  5.3" on the regular Pixel 3 looks pretty good. I hope it has a Samsung screen. If LG is supplying the screen on the smaller one then no-go for me. Loving my Pixel 2, even with it's enormous bezels. I will consider the notch big brother if we can hide it and the screen is not BLUUUUUE!!! No more blue shift please!

                    It would be great if Google goes with ceramic backs and include wireless charging.

                      Anonymous, 04 Jun 2018Normal pixel 3 looks interesting, especially its size 5.3".... moreIm agree with you.. im looking for a compact phone (my s8 is pretty compact already)..
                      I hope its have same size like iphone 8 or at least X...
                      If its true, its gonna be my next phone..

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                        • DJ. Grand Theft Audi
                        • StU
                        • 05 Jun 2018

                        Hope it has a headphone jack

                          Google phones are purposed to be the most genuine and pure Android experience

                          What the hell happened

                            Sad to see the notch in the Pixel 3 XL.
                            Good to see we've still got the standard Pixel 3 though.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • dM}
                              • 04 Jun 2018

                              Normal pixel 3 looks interesting, especially its size 5.3".

                              I'm guessing it will be bellow 147mm, Which is perfect. I'm tired of all these big brick notch phones.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • iIa
                                • 04 Jun 2018

                                acemang, 04 Jun 2018This will be the easiest year to skip an upgrade. I didn't... moreYeap. Metal back (even ceramic) any time over wireless charging. But having stupid glass and no wireless charge is a crime.... And yet ridiculous prices...

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • iIa
                                  • 04 Jun 2018

                                  Geric.770, 04 Jun 2018Who's gonna upgrade phones this year? I don't think most ... moreCorrect, although we see some other gimmicks as well, like Mi 8 and gamer's phones, but still not worth anything. At least Xiaomi remains within a sensible price range. Even Vivo will be asking something like 1000$ for the NEX.. WTF!!

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                                    • Surficial
                                    • HDy
                                    • 04 Jun 2018

                                    If the pixel 3 has side bezels like the leaked screen protector, it should be a good bit smaller than the pixel 2 and match 4.7" iphone size.

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                                      • Test12168032
                                      • 0$n
                                      • 04 Jun 2018

                                      5,3 is too small and 6,2 is too big.
                                      I need a phone with a sweetspot like the Essential Phone.

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                                        • DRc
                                        • 04 Jun 2018

                                        I was hope to: pixel 3 xl to skip the notch too..