Google Pixel 3 to skip the notch, Pixel 3 XL will have it

04 June 2018
The leak says the smaller phone will have 5.3” screen, while the bigger version will be 6.2” in diagonal.

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Who's gonna upgrade phones this year?
I don't think most people will upgrade their phones because most of the releases this year, it's just an incremental upgrade. No groundbreaking features or fancy hardware to see.
Yes, the S9 has the first ever Variable aperture. The P20 Pro has three incredible cameras. Pixel 3 XL with a Notch...
But what about the price? It's sky rocketing to the heavens!
My God!

    This will be the easiest year to skip an upgrade.
    I didn't found any device this year that grabbed my attention. Anyone that has an SD 835, can skip this year easy. The best 500-1000 euros saved. Hoping next year, manufacturers learned from their mistakes they made this year. No notch, true borderless phone, better battery, 7nm process, 24/32bit sound, true stereo speakers, ip68, metal again, please? what's the point of having a beautiful phone if we need to cover with an ugly case? All glass phones are way overrated. I should know that I've one Htc u11. It's beautiful but it's rare when I can appreciate its beauty, even with a transparent silicone case that I've. My Htc 10 I can use it without a case without worry. I prefer metal back than wireless charging. usb-c is very easy to use and way faster to recharge.

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      • Kxc
      • 04 Jun 2018

      They need a telephoto second cam to score high on Dxomark. Bokeh and Zoom sub scores skew the final score.

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        • 7BD
        • 04 Jun 2018

        ........welp; guess I'm waiting for the Razer 2 or screw America by getting the ZTE Axon 9 Pro. When companies DON'T listen to I.T. people and listen more to the crowd that blindly pays for stupidity, I'm not joining them.

          Pixel 2 costed much over 1000 so what will be price of this thing?
          And will be worth its money?
          Can even compete with Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer?
          I really dont think so.
          Also i dont believe it will surpass P20 Pro with its camera.
          But we will see.

            matt00112233, 04 Jun 2018That’s incredible to see that even Google who constantly ma... moreMan apple wasnt the first phone with the notch omg.

              triple camera? They can keep a single one and still be the best.

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                • 04 Jun 2018


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                  • 04 Jun 2018

                  matt00112233, 04 Jun 2018That’s incredible to see that even Google who constantly ma... moreI don't feel that all companies are intentionally copying apple,maybe the display makers anticipated everyone to do so and over-manufactured the displays with cutouts and thus companies which don't make their own displays(unlike Sony and samsung) are forced to use it.

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                    • 04 Jun 2018

                    That notch is gonna be disturbing for some people here😂😂

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                      • 04 Jun 2018

                      Most rumours suggest that they will go with a single rear camera, a 3700mA battery. Some, including Roland Quandt, also suggest that it may arrive earlier this year. Possibly just wishful thinking. Please say this will have wireless charging, and no glass on the back. Before the haters lambast me, glass is only one of the substances that could be used. Polycarbonate, ceramic, cork, rubber, they are all more preferable to me than glass. For a truly individual looking device, look at Ikimobile and their Bless Plus. For polycarb, look at any Lumia Windows phone.

                        Thab33f, 04 Jun 2018nooooooooooo. Tch

                          That’s incredible to see that even Google who constantly makes fun of Apple is getting influenced by Apple

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                            • 04 Jun 2018

                            Save notch for the best:-)

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                              • 04 Jun 2018

                              Thank god. finally 5.3 inch screen. very happy :)

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                                • 04 Jun 2018

                                REALLY looking forward to the Pixel 3. All the phones have gotten too big!