MediaTek's first 5G modem is Helio M70, coming in 2019 smartphones

08 June 2018
The SoC will be built on TSMC’s 7 nm process with EUV technology.

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  • 24 May 2019

Mediatek improves sales and performance in Helio P series from P60 to P90 and other P series models. They duly noted their past mistakes to improve they're product and price range, hoping that the 7nm model will be bang for buck

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    • 30 Mar 2019

    Jorence, 27 Nov 2018I believe Mediatek has moved from delivering peak performan... moreYou are right.

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      • 07 Mar 2019

      Hmm is their modem for all phones? Or does it just work if the OEM uses a Mediatek chip?

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        • 27 Nov 2018

        I believe Mediatek has moved from delivering peak performance by using Corex-A75 or 76 to giving more AI and modem technology for delivering all the latest technology the customer desire. I liked mediatek for there innovative technology in tricluster and using cortex-A73 but they have stopped since A73 in helio x30 then they moved to AI improvement in P series and modem in M70 and not concentrating in X series. I would love mediatek if they release Helio X45 with arm cortex-A76 processor and G-76 gpu as I am a performance lover more than anything
        Guys your Opinion pls?

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          • 03 Nov 2018

          After Mediatek's Helio P70, their 5G moderm M70 will surely be one to watch out for!

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            • 17 Jul 2018

            wow...5G modems!! finally the internet speed we deserve. Had to be MediaTek..theyre never behind in technology

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              • 11 Jun 2018

              Syuser, 11 Jun 2018dangerous garbage!!!ROFL

                dangerous garbage!!!

                  AnonD-763696, 08 Jun 2018Hi. I want to ask you a question; because I've noticed that... moreIts a simple question and answer is 100% yes

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                    • 09 Jun 2018

                    That phone case looks retro

                      AnonD-763696, 08 Jun 2018Thank u my friend !You're always welcome!

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                        • 09 Jun 2018

                        MediaTek is notoriously noncompliant with open source licenses and disrespects the legacy of all the contributors to Android that have given them such a large platform to sell their wares.

                        To hell with them. If they won't release source in good time and facilitate dev work, they don't deserve promotion, let alone success.

                          Good news here. Good reporting too.
                          Thank you GSM Arena.

                            Petmalu, 08 Jun 2018Where did you get that news? As far as I know Philippines i... moreShanti gave you the link. Read it carefully. :)

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                              • 09 Jun 2018

                              What offered by 5G is not only speed increase but also lower power, more coverages and adopt better network security (based on ECC). It focuses also on IoT and embedded devices. As I don't want to be left behind in term of technology and data plan getting cheap and cheaper I'd welcome 5G warmly.

                                AnonD-763696, 08 Jun 2018Hi. I want to ask you a question; because I've noticed that... moreVery likely imo. I believe the S10 will certainly have 5G built in (just look at Exynos 9820, it's ALREADY 5G ready!)

                                  melvingutierrez, 08 Jun 2018you know thats just is a teoric speed? already"Theoretic" actually.
                                  Assuming the tower communes with just one person. 100% of the speed is achieved (in our case 1 Gbps, or 125 megabytes/1s) so that is not exactly theoretic at all. But knowing there's not only ONE PERSON that belongs to a certain carrier in a given square area. But several hundreds to a few thousands. Your "share" in speed decreases accordingly.

                                    NoahG, 08 Jun 2018 you would not be able to download GTA V (+40GB) with 1Gbps... moreCorrect. Assuming you got large enough data plan. You would take about 10-15 minutes actually. As that 1gbps is shared among about 1000 people around you automatically. And there's no way (atleast of what I know) to force a tower giving you a "larger share" of reception.

                                      Lunarwolf, 08 Jun 2018You have a point. Plus if you bought a 5G ready phone toda... moreHmmm true