LG Stylo 4 box points to a tall 6.2" screen, Q Lens-enabled camera and DTS:X sound

11 June 2018
Plus support for T-Mobile's 600 MHz LTE band. This is a more affordable version of the LG Q Stylusα, but still packs some premium features.

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I totally leaked this brochure to gsmarena like 4 days before this source did. Lol. Not that it was a real leak, the brochure was out. Lol.

  • JP

I am going to get this one so i can wait for the note 9 lol

  • Markus Yuen

I hope it is 3gb ram. And now.....

  • Anonymous

YoloBS, 11 Jun 2018They should add styler in V series. And about this phone,i... moreNo.. hope they don't do this. I want a Oled phone and Gserie has LCD, but I don't want a bulkier phone with stylet. I even prefer bigger battery if it needs to be bulkier instead of the stylet. You can always use a third party stylet if you really want it.

Tucking_Fypo, 11 Jun 2018CRAP.Don't like it? don't look at it.
The LG stylus series WERE ALWAYS low end.

AnonD-499774, 11 Jun 2018Load of crapwhat were you expecting? a compatitor to galaxy note from LG in a price-that-is-ridiculously-low?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jun 20182GB RAM - No, thanks!My computer has 2gb ram

  • Anon

jefire411, 11 Jun 2018That may be $200 or more, no Thin-QIts set to launch at 179
Source: Metro Employee

Geric.770, 11 Jun 2018Not bad at all for an entry level.That may be $200 or more, no Thin-Q

  • AnonD-499774

Load of crap

  • Tucking_Fypo


Instead of wasting time with low-entry after low-entry why not invest time and money for a real Note-competitor with better hardware, a stylus with certain features and advertise it as a business phone? Or even use the V-Series as a basis and give the stylus some features. I just don't understand this company anymore...

YoloBS, 11 Jun 2018They should add styler in V series. And about this phone,i... moreOfficially Unknown. but basing on the previous pricing on LG stylo series. I ASSUME It'll be around 190-200 EUR.

  • Anonymous

2GB RAM - No, thanks!

They should add styler in V series.
And about this phone,it's look underpower for a styler phone. Whats the price again!

Not bad at all for an entry level.