Huawei's Mate 20 to use 6.9-inch Samsung AMOLED screen

11 June 2018
With such a huge panel it would easily win the battle for the biggest high-end smartphone of the year.

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  • Anonymous

6,9 inch ? So finally i can cut onion & slice a meat at top of it

  • Anonymous

Lead2XL, 12 Jun 2018The only people who would buy such a monster are men who need to... moreYou are wrong, some want Bigger screen while they feel more comfortable at reading and watching movies... When you are at about 50s , you may know what l mean...

  • Anonymous

While phone is getting bigger, I'm just happy with my new a6, it feels compact & fit in my hand perfectly

Crapmoled pentile low resolution? Lol poor huawei

  • Yann

Shanti Dope, 12 Jun 2018*at Huawei headquarter where everyone's discussing about how the... moreMan, what pills you take? Please share with us, cause they make you see the unseen.
You're totally dope!

*at Huawei headquarter where everyone's discussing about how the Mate 20 will be known for*

CEO: Okay, so our new Mate is about to be announced. Any suggestions or plans to make our phone to stand out??

Employee 1: Sir, let's make it a compact phablet, with just a 6" 18:9 screen and add some useful features like a stylus and QHD resolution display! The super thin bezels and lack of notch should make the phone feel like a 5" phone with conventional bezel size and 16:9 screen ratio.

CEO: I told you to stop picking up trash from the garbage bin. Not only did you not stop, you also brought a lot of them here! You're fired!!

Employee 2: Sir, how about we remove the jack, put a huge notch with nothing important inside, with also no option to hide it (lock the bootloader and make it impossible to be rooted), make the bezels a bit larger, cut the battery size but advertise it as the same in capacity as last year's, use a mid range quality AMOLED display, remove the SD Card slot and IR Blaster, make the camera just barely better than last year's, clutter the UI with lots of bloatware, use eMMc 5.1 memory, and make screen size at sub-7" but still say it's a COMPACT smartphone??

CEO: *no words* Guess I might have been lucky to have such a game-changing intelligent man like you to be the leader of the future!
You're now being promoted as the owner of this company!!

The only people who would buy such a monster are men who need to show others that they have the biggest thing - car, house, phone, whatever!

  • Yann

Kiyasuriin, 12 Jun 2018Yes. That's my preference. And 80% StB is not THAT bad. 4/5th of... moreAgree with you. Notch is temporally solution for underdeveloped technology. I prefer the same, cause in landscape the things going worst. And i don't mind small bezels, especially if there are ff speakers and FPS front or side.
If SONY was clever, they could do it with XZ2 Compact, but they ruin everything with that fat, ugly phone.

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2018So you prefer bezels over a notch? Form over function people ... moreYes. That's my preference. And 80% StB is not THAT bad. 4/5th of the front is screen.

  • AnonD-309265

5k mAh battery and NFC and this will be my next phone no matter the UI they use

  • Anonymous

Kiyasuriin, 12 Jun 2018I think the same, imo a 4.7inch Android 16:9 with high end specs... moreSo you prefer bezels over a notch?

Form over function people confuse me. You could even hide the notch by "painting" the horns blacks (yet still have useful info there)... So the form questioon is moot too... SMH

  • Anonymous

I think it is time to stop calling them smarphones. They haven't been such since they pass the 5 inch mark, but by now it is clear as day. They are people's pocketable tablets. Nothing wrong with that, always said that smarphones are useless due to the small screen and tablets (in one form or another) will thrive. It is their pocketable form... so be it. Phones died around 2014 btw, nobody cares about them, most barely even make call at this point....

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2018Good for watching movies.Then a tablet. Phones have no business being this big.

Look at how big a flop the Samsung Note 8 turned out to be and what does Sammy do? Does it again with the Note 9.

Just shows manufacturers listen too much to media hype about supposed "trends", i.e. 18:9 screen ratios, minimal/no bezels, and other stupid ideas which have no practical use on a real world phone.

  • Tonberry

That sounds amazing to me. I got a Mi Mix 2 recently and I'm happy with the 6-inch screen which is the largest I've ever had, but this one is going to be even better, too bad it will probably cost an entire truckload of money. I like to read manga on my phone, so a bigger screen is always better, as long as it still fits inside my pocket.

  • Anonymous

Brano, 12 Jun 2018Can't wait to see 10" phoneInto 8 inch phone

  • sam

The 6.9" display is welcome to the most of us

Anonymous, 11 Jun 201816:9 by then screens has probably gotten like 9999:1 with ... moreAnything beyond 18:1 is a sword already xD

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2018If the screen is that big then most likely it will have a stupid... moreYou can't know ^_^ maybe it won't have?

AnonD-415644, 12 Jun 2018Why not a phone with a 5 inch display and with minimalist bezel ... moreI think the same, imo a 4.7inch Android 16:9 with high end specs, 3.5mm jack, decent sized bezels, (80% will satisfy me) no notch is perfect

Luxor, 12 Jun 2018Didnt you read? The chinese wants it. They prefered it. They lov... moreI know chinese love them, and i know "1/4" of the world is chinese, but huawei is betting hard in world wide sales and this is not a way to do it in their flagship. making 2 for different targets would be not that hard since they do almost as much models per/year as samsung. why brands don't focus on fewer and better devices beats me...