Check out our Nokia 8 Sirocco video review

15 June 2018
This is HMD's second chance, an attempt to improve on the Nokia 8. Did it succeed or did it veer off the right path?

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  • Kazik
  • 5I}
  • 25 Oct 2018

Hardware buttons are awesome!

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    • Carol
    • mgK
    • 18 Jun 2018

    Anonymous, 17 Jun 2018Mediocre phone 👎Mediocre comment

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      • Anonymous
      • tRf
      • 17 Jun 2018

      Mediocre phone 👎

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        • Anonymous
        • nDi
        • 16 Jun 2018

        I hope they will scrap stock Android soon. It’s awful and ugly.

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          • Anonymous
          • dM}
          • 16 Jun 2018

          Anonymous, 16 Jun 2018Check comments about best screen sizes from past. Every yea... moreAgree, actual phone size up to 145mm is the "best" that and max 70mm wideness.

          Anything more and its clunky to use, I know tested 158mm and smaller and I still prefer the samller even if its just 5" screen.

          And I don't have small hands.

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            • Anonymous
            • tVw
            • 16 Jun 2018

            No 3.5mm jack = Fail
            No microsd slot = Fail
            Screen quality = Fail
            Price = Fail

            In simple terms, consider another brand or last year Nokia 8 or Nokia 7 Plus

              It seems HMD chose Nokia name to make a profit out of it rather than to resurrect Nokia. Actual Nokia branded phones are not bad, but so are most of other names, piles of which we see every day in the market. Nothing to shine amongst others and overpricing makes them look ridiculous.

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                • Anonymous
                • SHi
                • 16 Jun 2018

                Utomo, 16 Jun 2018Best screensize for most people is around 6 inch. The pri... moreCheck comments about best screen sizes from past. Every year there is only increase in "best" screen size. Every phone with screen bigger than 5 inch isn't comfortably useable with one hand.

                  • B
                  • Ben
                  • nIE
                  • 16 Jun 2018

                  Original Nokia 8 is selling for £299 and i still woild not buy. That phone's camera is faulty and Nokia did not fix it.

                    Waiting for the price to DROP.

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                      • notchia
                      • Q}4
                      • 16 Jun 2018

                      the most overpriced chinese phone

                        Beautiful Phone, Awful Price...

                        This will be recommended if Nokia decides to drop the price just like what they did with the Nokia 8 from last year.

                          • U
                          • Utomo
                          • PxV
                          • 16 Jun 2018

                          Best screensize for most people is around 6 inch.
                          The price increase are too high. Nokia need to revise it to make more people buy it

                            Video not available!
                            700 E .... overpriced phone !!! :-O