Samsung Galaxy J7 Top gets Bluetooth certification

18 June 2018
The phone with a model number SM-J757BL is the latest addition to the affordable J-series.

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im from eraly 2019 and and using samsung galaxy j7 mega

ProJames, 18 Jun 2018Oh seems like a typo. Lemme fix that for you: Galaxy J7 FlopGetting sick of this poorly made overpriced budget phone from Samsung too. I feel like their popularity is slowly going down. Obvious evidence can be seen in top 10 phone of the week. Their devices are too boring and low performance for its price. Competition is getting better and offering better price and performance. Even in gsmarena I can see people slowly moving away and losing interest of Samsung. Unless it is the S series or Note series we dont care much about the rest. If Samsung ever want to retake the crown they should hurry and release a high performing phone at lower price and running on pure android. Get something like that out there and it will sell like hot cakes. No need for superamoled extravagant nonsense. No need for glass back or metal frame. That is the main thing that keeping their devices expensive.

  • AnonD-621054

end of the j7 top

Oh seems like a typo. Lemme fix that for you:

Galaxy J7 Flop

Dj Khalifa :another one

  • Ak

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2018More like J77.I was hoping j77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

  • Anonymous

More like J77.

Damn , it almost every month there's always one coming up . Why this J series madness never ends ? Just why ? Ugh.....

  • Anonymous

A couple of years and we are going to be doomed by having a J7 outbreak and a new country will pop up with people worshiping their savior and hero called J7.

  • AnonD-147393

This many varients in j7. Somebody in samsung should do family planning for j7 & j7 series phone designer. Otherwise it may give birth to 100s varients.

  • Anonymous

How many phones does Samsung need to make

  • AnonD-694886

Exynos 7870


Oh, be ready for J7 siblings - J top, J bottom, J sides , J low, J high, J diagonal, J mid, J all-rounder ( taking care of all tops bottom sides)

Similarly, all it's A to Z will have same siblings.

A great family.

Ak, 18 Jun 2018How many j7 in this world ???Wait for Crapsung to release very bad namings...
Left? Right? Bottom?

  • Ak

How many j7 in this world ???

  • AnonD-147393

Great news even j7 centre point,j7 bottom , j7 left , j7 right , j7 float right , j7 float left,j7 45degrees ,j7 145 degrees also coming with 7870 processor.

Another one bites the dust.

  • Anonymous

Ugh, another one?