Oppo Find X Automobili Lamborghini Edition is the first phone with Super VOOC

19 June 2018
The battery charges from 0 to 100 in just 35 minutes. Even the best fast chargers would only fill up half of that in the same amount of time.

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Vegetaholic, 21 Jun 2018This is limited edition and price is only mostly for looks, it's... moreEven an inexpensive case would do if "just for looks" and/or a Lamborghini badge, be it genuine, official, or a third-party-neither. They wouldn't need to know what phone the case encases or what specs the phone has

  • Anonymous

Basically it's surprising that Huawei and Oppo provided alternative for Vertu users who wanted to try other Android devices...

Kids will complain about price, scream on specs comparison, and blaa blaa blaa since they don't know that phones like this are made for only a certain batch of consumer, who surprisingly, won't settle for anything common like anything from Samsung or Apple... And no, gold plating a common smartphone isn't really drawing attention...

rr3d3, 21 Jun 2018This is so cringing, price 800% inflated, phone with no value. Y... moreThis is limited edition and price is only mostly for looks, it's not designed to be future phone for that price implementing all future technology, you don't have a slightest clue for whom this device is designed. If you own Lamborghini, even if you don't and have spare cash I bet a lot of people will buy it just for looks and Lambordigi badge, they care less what it will be inside 5g 6g or 50megapixel camera or 5 megapixel

What about battery replacements for free? cause I have a feeling that super VOOC will ruin it in no time

  • rr3d3

This is so cringing, price 800% inflated, phone with no value. YAY

No carbon fiber battery ? No full bezel less phone, No FOD, no Fopw, resolution cr4p, battery size. branding with a luxury car logo, and increase the price of a shi-tty phone.
NO bluetooth 5.0,
NO 5G,
No all band coverage...
Not ANY IPX certification,
No waterproof, dust?
No camera 5X optic.
No bone audio conductivity speaker

I hope you fall down in pieces, it feels like Philips who give "dlc hardware product" to another extends. like the price monopoly for flash sdrom.

Even the Find 7, was way more interesting in his days.

Iphone are uninteresting to me, galaxy note 9 is deceiving.
there no android phone really cool this year.... and i want to buy one.
Pixel 3, does not look good either.
xiaomi mix 3.... ?

Gosh Xiaomi mi 2 feel like way more interesting and it's way older.
well... waiting galaxy note 10, at least the tech will be more interesting, perhaps fiber carbon battery....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2018Wow! What the world has become!! Haha Reputable, luxury car bra... morethe world changes everydayy.kid

  • .alpha

The guy that said this is just the regular battery charged to 90% is probably right. Current battery tech have to slow down charging when it is near capacity and there is no way around it. Increase volt and current will just massively heat up the battery when it is near capacity

  • Anonymous

This phone's battery has less capacity than the stock one. Chances are that it's actually the same battery and they just charge it to 90% while software says it's 100.

  • Anonymous

Wow! What the world has become!! Haha
Reputable, luxury car brands accepting to have their names paired with low budget, low quality, not top-of-the-game phone manufacturers. Those car brands that went for such options, should've tried pairing with Apple only. And maybe Samsung, but Samsung's phones are all running Android, so it's not top-of-the-game either. So basically luxury brands should only pair up with Apple - if Apple would allow it. Otherwise, to keep their reputability, they should not pair with any other non-luxury, non-top-dog brand.

I bet the rich people will love this collector's version of Oppo Find X. It's also way cheaper than Huawei's Mate RS Porsche edition (not to mention those FPS under the screen and normal one, IP67, and much better cameras to boot).

This is like Sesto Elemento Vs 911 GTA Carrera S.

  • Anonymous

Is it a carbon fiber back or just an imitation?

I can bet that after just a year of using that super Vooc battery will be working like after 3-4 of normal usage, especially when you look how people today charge their phones(almost always between 30-60% often short charges and usage of phone when its plugged in)

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2018Oppo Bad rear cameras, awful audio, no updates for security, ... moreOne plus 6 is much better than your casual phone and this one looks outstanding.
Dunno what you drink but sober your self.

  • Anonymous

Lamborghini edition but still rubbish phone with high price !!

  • Victoria to vgfve v

-NEOPHYTE-, 20 Jun 2018Exactly what I was thinking. Would love that.Thanks nl

  • ReinTurtle

Kuba, 20 Jun 2018This is the future, fast charging should be improved. I expect n... moreNever mind that you'd need like 5 times as much power than a wall outlet can deliver at max to charge that quickly and like 200 times more than fast chargers use today. No friend, i'm sorry, that is not happening in the next few years.

After Porsche now Lamborghini. Bring on the rich people phone! They want to be different from us poor people. Niche market centric phone. What will you do with these phone after a couple of years then you want a new phone again.

  • Anonymous

Fast charging shortens battery life.

LG Superfan, 20 Jun 2018Would.love to see a Porsche vs Lamborghini review Huawei Mate R... moreExactly what I was thinking. Would love that.

it's a very attractive phone with flagship specs. not having headphone jack, some sort of waterproofing and fingerprint scanner aside, i am a little skeptical over it's mechanism's performance and material durability! cuz as sexy and smooth as it looks and performs in videos posted on youtube, we have to keep in mind that if something goes wrong with the mechanism, then all the cool factor goes away, not to mention that you have 50/50 chance to get stuck with a tall and undesirable phone or lose your cameras and the ONLY biometric security all together for good!
now for a 999 EUROs! device that's quite a bit of a risk especially for the first batch which bumps up the risk of engineering flaws leading to device malfunctions. as a long time Samsung customer i still remember the note fiasco over a delicate engineering flaw!
so as cool and enticing this phone looks, and i have every means for purchasing one, i will wait and see how it works and will consider getting one after few months of it's release at best!
Cudos to Oppo for thinking outside of the box and making heavy hitters like samsung and apple and their multi billion dollar R&D departments to shame, forcing them to come up with something new!