OnePlus 5 and 5T get Oxygen OS v5.1.3, security fixes and minor improvements

20 June 2018
OxygenOS v5.1.3 offers general bug fixes, updates the bootloader for security enhancements and fixes some issues with Bluetooth car connection.

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  • Manish

Since the update I have had major issue with my one plus 5..the touch screen become completely unresponsive..
I went to the service centre and got the software downloaded again and then the update was again available so I again updated the phone , this time it worked for 2 days and again same problem has cropped up. It suddenly starts to work and then will again hang. Don't know what the issue is but it's very irritating. It's exactly one year since I bought my phone and there were absolutely no issues till the time new update 5.1.3 came

  • Anonymous

gohelvishalp, 20 Jun 2018See haters? All this hate because it is Chinese

See haters?