Meizu 16 will incorporate a vapor chamber cooling for the SD845

20 June 2018
Meizu's founder says that the upcoming Meizu 16 with SD845 will have a copper pipe in order to take full advantage of the SoC's power.

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  • Kangal

Copper Pipe =/= Vapour Chamber.

Whilst I can see *some * utility for using copper for heat management in a powerful SoC in a small phone, I don't quite see it for tablets. Whereas a full-blown Vapour Chamber is blown out of proportions. It's like buying a Buick to break an egg.

Go go go Meizu!

  • Anonymous

Microsoft Lumia 950 was the first to bring a vapour chamber in smartphone

  • Stache

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2018There’s no way a SD845 device could run NougatWhat?

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi is better.

  • Anonymous

There’s no way a SD845 device could run Nougat

  • Tok

I think Meizu will finally hit strong this year.

Luxor, 20 Jun 2018Meizu doing things right for this one. Surprisingly they ad... moreYeah seriously. Pro 7 looked awesome with that second screen. They have the solution to make full bezel less on their smartphones

Meizu doing things right for this one. Surprisingly they admit the Meizu 15 series is just for testing the water. No wonder no updates. Will keep watch to see them grow as a brand. Still an underated brand.

  • Anonymous

The 950XL, also had a vapour chamber. A great camera and wireless charging.

  • Dutchy

Also LG g6 had the heatsink cooling pipe, no?

  • Anonymous

hey, let them make the copper heatsink as a comb on the phone side :)

Alright Meizu.Things sounds interesting now.

Awesome, keep the 3.5mm jack, add SD card. And I'm in for the babe!