Meizu launches the M6 in India without any announcements (Update: Not really!)

21 June 2018
Meizu's 8-months-old M6 silently launched in India, now available on Amazon.

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  • 23 Jun 2018

cooldubai, 22 Jun 2018Agreed with Deepak , GSM arena needs to find out the facts ... moreActually, I don't know who told GSMArena that the phone is sold by third party seller. The phone is sold by UD Group, and they are the official distributors of Meizu phones in India. And I'm sure, a Meizu official have told me. I even posted this news in my website a month ago that Meizu will launch M6 in India. If doubt, checkout here: . Isn't this enough proof to tell that the listing is official? I even know some more facts that I can't reveal, but yes I can surely say it's being officially sold by Meizu India.

    Agreed with Deepak , GSM arena needs to find out the facts whether it's officially imported or no. UD group is official distributor of meizu India. Better contact UD group and find out the facts. By the way who is the official from meizu who made this claim.

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      • 22 Jun 2018

      Meizu is dead in India they no more releases new phones in India

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        • 21 Jun 2018

        Dont you find a dustbin to pour your garbage??

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          • 21 Jun 2018

          You meant announcements. Warnings are for ominous messages like disasters. You need new staff GSMarena.

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            • 21 Jun 2018

            Warnings are for disasters!

              No one even gives a f***

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                • 21 Jun 2018

                Price link is for Redmi 5 (not Note 5)

                  "Launch without a warning"?? Its a missile or what?

                    Launch without warning XD
                    Well, it's fine for normal people using social media or something like "posting comments here."

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                      • 21 Jun 2018

                      The phone is being sold by a third party seller with 6 months warranty. You should need to be more responsible and get your facts straight.