Latest update for some OnePlus phones ruins battery life, OP6 included

23 June 2018
OnePlus 3, 3T and 6 users are reporting strange battery drain caused by the latest Oxygen OS update. The screen might be the culprit.

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  • Latika

Does anyone else is facing fast battery draining issue after the new update?
I'm leaving my phone at around 40% and in morning it's mostly switched off..
Please tell me how to fix this ? Shall I go ahead and buy new phone? Or is this issue for all after the update?

  • Nati

My phone is 5t After my latest updates my battery life has decreased.

  • Anonymous

I too am facing battery issues on my Oneplus 5t, specially during standby. I lose nearly 20% battery overnight.

Ash, 23 Jun 2018It's the same with all stock Android phones including the l... moreThe price has nothing to do with it. One Plus has quality control just like an other company.
Also, I paid $450 for my Honor 9. I have no lags, no crashes, no reboots. Phone works fine.

  • Mani

I am using OnePlus 5T and after the Oxygen 5.1.2 update, I am also facing huge battery loss, even when the screen is off/standby mode. This is really frustrating.

  • DK

I am facing battery probs and phones after 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Alex

I'm on 5.1.8 on OP6. No issues noticed.

  • Anonymous

I am facing camera freezing issue after new update

  • AnonD-708837

piku, 24 Jun 2018I am on 5.1.8 update I am not facing any battery draining issues.I'm the same. My only issue is I seem to now have a Bluetooth bug where my Samsung Gear Sport keeps disconnecting every now and then - even without "battery optimisation" enabled on all of the samsung gear apps...

Other than that, seems fine

  • Rmrm

8h screen on Time, on the OnePlus 6

  • piku

I am on 5.1.8 update I am not facing any battery draining issues.

  • Anonymous

Oneplus 5 user, can confirm the battery got a lot worse after the last update. My usual 6 - 6.5 hours SOT became less than 5

glad i sell my oneplus 3t before this happened

Ash, 23 Jun 2018It's the same with all stock Android phones including the l... moreEven Chinese buggy software is better than Samsung rubbish

  • Dean

Battery better than ever on the update ,6 plus hours sot easily. Fastest phone I've ever had and not a single issue.

  • Anonymous

Ash, 23 Jun 2018It's the same with all stock Android phones including the l... moreLmao you know nothing. Pixels have thr most refined software.
Samsung takes nearly a year to push out the latest updates and even after so long (S8 Oreo) it has to pull them after releasing due to software bugs. Sony phones aren't even in the same league as Samsung, let alone Pixels. I'm a former Sony and Samsung user, now a Pixel and iPhone user. Sounds like you haven't used many phones and are talking nonsense.

I haven't noticed any excessive battery drain and have had no shutdowns on 1+ 6 since (or before) the update.

  • Alien

Keep buying replika brands and wonder why it doesn't work like a real high-end flagship. More like a flagship wannabe if you ask me.
Only Japanese and Korean for me.

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2018Samsung - Good software?????????? What are you smoking? ... moreRemember it's not Touchwiz anymore. And they stopped with the #FeatureCreep hashtag.
Sure. Samsung has gotten better comparing to the past. But It's definitely still requires a really sharp refining stone to smooth out the experience on their UI.

  • Anonymous

I've not experienced any issues with my Oneplus 3, however it could be the auto brightness function if it's affecting screen on time, as I always manually adjust mine, where it otherwise increases the brightness more than necessary.