Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 arrives with LTE for $230

25 June 2018
The device comes with 8” screen, Face Unlock and Snapdragon 660 chipset.

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A good simple gaming good for good kids with good specs along good price tag from a good company with good memory configuration and also good for Asia as their availability is good there ;)

  • Diz

Can I get it in Nepal??? I need this and want it buy.

  • Anonymous

There are already many 10" slabs in the market. This would be the perfect replacement for owners of the ageing nexus 7. About the same height, slightly wider, thinner, 16:10 aspect ratio and same price range too.

  • Anonymous

This is just the Android tablet that we need. Good enough specs, always connected and at just $230 with good battery life. At this point I donÂ’t expect software support.

No use buying high end expensive Android tablet. iPad Pro 10.5 /12.5 is better , with more optimised apps and better software support over the years.
And the 120Hz panel is dope !

I think we need Pixel Android Tabs too to compete with Apple on the high end.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2018Make it 10.1 inch and it will be awesome.fully agree

  • Anonymous

AnonD-708837, 26 Jun 2018Agreed. I mean they've only just caught up to the Lenovo Tab 4 ... moreSD660 is miles ahead of mediocre SD625 and Mi 4 Pad has a bigger battery and cheaper price. That is call supersede not caught up lol.

  • AnonD-708837

Vegetaholic, 25 Jun 2018Definitely notAgreed. I mean they've only just caught up to the Lenovo Tab 4 8 plus specs.. meh

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2018Is this faster than my Shield K1 tablet?CPU/RAM/Disk: waaay ahead, man, at least a 50% difference. RAM and disk speed could even be more than twice as fast. These 3 drives your general UX.
GPU: bow to the Kepler architecture, it's twice as fast as Adreno 512.

It is very funny how some of you complaints about it for its size and have no idea that it is for multimedia for the Chinese, and mainly for everything online ( as it is released in their own country at first), and even if it gets to release to other market no one force you to buy it it you don't like it.

Also, try to understand the market first. 8 inch is a great size for it as computer isn't very common in China. And while they might have big size phone, but it just isn't the same. So, the 8 inch make sense.

The only thing that I would agree is that they should release one with a Android-One version and that would be much better for the global market.

  • Wes

Vegetaholic, 25 Jun 2018Definitely notDefinitely hot!

  • Diego

Two things I dislike :
- Screen is now 16:10. Their previous tablets were 4:3, it is so much better for reading comics and web browsing.
- They removed the three buttons, like they did on their phones, so now they take space on the screen while the bottom/right side is empty, it is stupid.

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2018Is this faster than my Shield K1 tablet?Definitely not

  • Anonymous

Make it 10.1 inch and it will be awesome.

I think 16:10 aspect ratio is better for android tablet since most android apps set to 16:9. It would be best to read journal or textbook in this aspect ratio. I hope google give incentive to developer to optimize their apps for tablet, cause right now only apple have the best apps for tablet.

  • Anonymous

TheWanderer, 25 Jun 2018nah, 6000 mah is disappointing especially when mi pad 1 had a 67... moreRead,....6600 not 6000

kammem2, 25 Jun 2018Mipad 4 is better than mi max 3 because it has sd660 ( 30% faste... morenah, 6000 mah is disappointing especially when mi pad 1 had a 6700 mah battery

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2018Tablets should start putting their main camera on front rather t... moreOwh... That dark ages when everyone like to take picture using tablet...
I'm happy it all behind us now, hopefully new iteration will have the camera config. swap place sooner

Mipad 4 is better than mi max 3 because it has sd660 ( 30% faster gpu) and 6000 mah is also good for a tablet (quick charge is good but you battery will die fast within a year)
Compared to 2018 apple ipad , Mi Pad is smaller and 30-40% slower but its android you can decrease graphics using gfx tools or play emulators! 1920x1200 screen is nice strategy i appreciate (more pixels less battery and 80% people still wont see difference between this and 1440p)
I hope 3/32gb version will get cheaper soon so i can sell my kindle fire and get new powerful one (even i do not use tablet )

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2018Is there a 128gb version?No, there's not. 3/32 GB WiFi, 4/64 GB WiFi and 4/64 GB LTE.

  • AnonD-393912

Its a really awesome tablet that might replace my current mipad1 if not for the fact that it doesnt have microsd card