New case leak confirms 6.1-inch iPhone will have a single camera

25 June 2018
The 6.1-inch 'budget' iPhone for 2018 will have a large notch and a single camera.

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Hahhahahaha ... Apple still use old techs such like notches.

And still! People will think it's cheap and "budget" phone

  • Anonymous

Ridiculous pricing for a budget model. We'll see hiw the pixel 3 budget phone compares next year if it arrives.

LCD version?
Ok. Still, there are so many competitors out there with the same price with better experience and benefits.

  • Anonymous

£700 for a budget iPhone, that's likely cost of the basic 64gb . Lol. No thanks. iPhones last at least 3 years+ might as well pay £800-900 and get the better versions, if it was £550-600 it would be more understandable. £700 no way! Get a 64gb iPhone X first gen on sale instead

  • someone

Did u really wanted a leak to confirm this ???? .. lol .. its apple's budget product .. what else u can expect !!!

  • ns1030

I wonder what technique apple will use to achieve that full bazel less look with LCD

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2018Nice! But I'll pay extra and get the bigger 6.5 inch new iphone x What do you think the price will be. My money is on 1000

  • Anonymous

Nice! But I'll pay extra and get the bigger 6.5 inch new iphone x

  • Anonymous

Lenses look wider.