Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL design leaks in full

27 June 2018
The bigger phone will come with a notch, the regular one will skip it.

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I believe this pic doesn't do it justice so wait till final comes out as the back looks like it has both 2 tone textured glass which is thoughtful design for less fingerprints. I just compared Pixel 3, Pixel 2 and HTC One A9. Pixel 3 looks good.

  • Anonymous

Actually glad that the Pixel 3's design is now professional looking. Pair this with 6GB of RAM and a 256GB storage and I'm sold.

  • Mr.Xno1

Ashu, 29 Jun 2018Dear Google, do not kill headphone you live under a rock? they already did with the Pixel 2, that thing doesnt have a jack

  • Anonymous

Ashu, 29 Jun 2018Dear Google, do not kill headphone jack.They already killed it with the Pixel 2/ 2XL

Again as boring as could be, really shame, no new tech or innovations so far. Unless something amazing will be under software

  • Ashu

Dear Google, do not kill headphone jack.

  • Cheguev

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2018The back exterior design is atrocious to me, 3 years in and no s... moreIt's currently full glass back , just two toned one (sanded and one "regular") to allow wireless charging , wich was impossible with the metal back from the two first pixel's gen.

Another year another very very normal android phone with no extra features. Btw, guys the notch is expected. As if you havent seen the list of new feature in android P. Native support~ Dont act shocked.

  • Anonymous

The back exterior design is atrocious to me, 3 years in and no sale. I'd rather it be glass like the Nexus 4 then the current mashup of materials. Looks and feels sub par in hand.

  • Anonymous

Normal pixel3 should be good, if only it had tiny bit smaller bezels, but ok.

Size is "perfect" too, I want a compact phone and not these big brick phones.

My next contender is Meizu 16 - smaller one with 5.6", rest of the phones I'm not interested. Maaybe galaxy s9, but its battery is a bit questionable. OST is just average, seems to be around my current galaxy alpha time.. and that is not enough with 4-5hrs.

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2018You buy a phone to impress a date and your friends?No, but the average consumer likes to show off their phones and get compliments. Phones can also be great conversation starters.

acemang, 28 Jun 2018Don't get me wrong, pixel phones are very good. but in the desig... moremate i appreciate your opinion all i m saying is in my opinion pixel 2 designed ri8 so as pixel 3 its minimalistic @ 5.0 or 5.4 inch screen is quite compact + weight is around 150 grams and its seems back is made up of metal with some glass on top like pixel 2 is good touch when u compare it to other flagship sandwich glass phone which is very fragile, with pixel phone like design all i need is a slim metal bumper to cover the phone to protect its from accidental drop but if u have an galaxy s9 or s8 ,u12 or x u have to cover it all with an decent case all around to prevent it from accidental drop so all we are doing is paying 800$ to 900$ for beautiful good build quality phone and then we hide its beauti with ugly plastic case i mean most of us do it hence metal build phone stand out thats the reason i like pixel phone more and i don't really hate notch if its perfectly blends with its ui like i phone x. and again its my personal opinion.

After viewing them last night, I keep being drawn to the smaller 3. Screen size is great, fits nice in the pocket and the design is clean. I was open to notch on xl, but no. On the 3, I hope the transition from front to back frames is smoother that last year and that dual sim would tick a box and a non glossy smudge ridden glass back or at at least a mat finish. Looking forward to seeing the developments as they firm as photography is brilliant on my mates Pixel. After last year's debacle, cautiously positive about 3.

satyajeet, 27 Jun 2018acemang why would i need any clue or idea to appreciate a design... moreDon't get me wrong, pixel phones are very good. but in the design department, they are ugly as phones can be.
You can buy any phone you want, it's your money. But saying that they are simple is so wrong in so many ways. Beautiful is subjective, simple is not that much. I see myself buying a pixel in the future, not now..hoping "notch" phones is just a phase, but if they are ugly like this one I will not defend them in the design department. I'm not superficial I can leave with an ugly design if all the rest is good. If I could join both, better. But again defending it in design department is just wrong. That's my opinion and it worth as much as yours. I will not change yours, just saying the design is really bad in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

Defalt, 28 Jun 2018I don't understand, the design on the previous Pixel was lacklus... moreYou buy a phone to impress a date and your friends?

  • Anonymous

Kristic, 28 Jun 2018Such an ugly chin and so big to let it get ignored.. Pixel devic... moreThey have front facing stereo speakers so it's acceptable. Dual cameras don't automatically make it better. They had the best camera last year so I wouldn't be worried this year

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2018I suppose the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will have the same s... moreWhile Apple's 2013 iPhone 5s gets five (5) major software updates from iOS7 to iOS12. Way to go Google! You beat Apple in planned obsolescence!

  • Anonymous

I suppose the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will have the same single sim only like its predecessors, no sd card slot, no headphone jack, the same small sealed battery and the same 2 year maximum software update support. It will cost upwards of $1000. Cool. Nice to see a role model for 1-2 year planned obsolescence - from none other than the owner of Android: Google.

  • Mr.Xno1

Zeldir, 28 Jun 2018Ugly, expensive AF, missing key features, no ty. I expect lots o... moreyou're actually right, Nexus line was famous for being a good deal with flagship grade specs and delicious vanilla android but nowadays all of the UI skins on top of vanilla android are as smooth and even faster than stock. There is hardly any reason as to why paying premium price for a copycat iphone x clone. I can get the same phone from xiaomi for 500 bucks. The mi8 is a beast i doubt the pixel will be any better, google must be high on their own weed. and damn right the tech youtuber will praise the living sht out of it because good knows why. they all suck on blackberry's, google's and samsung's D!cks too hard

Not impressed