Nokia promises continued software support for N9

28 September, 2011
The Nokia N9 may be the last of its kind but Nokia has no plans to abandon the device and its users.

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  • DM

I am witnessing the death of the tycoon of Mobile Phone Industry NOKIA.

  • Ghost

"He also mentioned that the UI innovations done in the N9 will be carried over to Nokia's other products"

Hmmm, is this means that Symbian will also get the swype UI along with WM? Hope so. I love my C7 it gets better and better.

  • dany

I'll still buy the N9, even a lot of people say that meego is dead; if I read correctly, the new OS is nextgen meego, so it is an evolution (something like maemo to meego); we know that n900 runs very well with meego, so why wouldn't do that N9 with tizen?
Another reason for me to stick with meego is the fact that meego is linux, so it should run almost all linux app for mobile (with some little library updates, and this is what I believe nokia will offer). In desktop area, is not a very big difference between different linux distros: application runs the same way on debin, rh, archlinux, etc; then why would be different in mobile area?

  • AnonProgrammer


N9 is a great phone with a great OS but so far there are only bad news for Meego.

  • ADB Symbian gr

1. All funandroids are stupid? Because you buy your crap OS doesn't mean that we want it too.. What's the meaning to have all companies android..!? To make you feel better with your choise?
2. Nokia replace X,N and E series with: Symbian,MeeGo,windows.. And of course they gonna update the firmwares of ALL OSs.. And of course Symbian never let it die.. (cry because it never gonna happen..)
3. N9 is the most beautiful phone i ever see.., but i'm gonna buy Belle because i love Symbian and of course because it's a real beauty..

  • Aaron

It doesn't really matter if Meego is dead. Once and for all, the Nokia N9 is NOT a pure Meego phone. The N9's true OS is actually Maemo 6, which is based on Qt just like Symbian Belle. Nokia calls the N9 as their Qt flagship phone. They never referred to it as a Meego phone. It is only the Meego fans that call the N9 a Meego phone.

  • AnonD-1124

You guys still don't get it do you. The os on the n9 was developed by nokia and nokia alone. Its not meego but maemo. It has nothing to do with intel. The intel partnership slowed things down so nokia went their own way with the n9.

  • AnonD-1906

Vic, 28 Sep 2011You should read this URL before you buy Meego Device: https:/... moreWOW meego is really dead the linux foundation will put meego to the grave for tizen.

  • phoneaddict

This units will be Nokia's most popular units ever. If all units are sold out, Nokia is going to produce some more. Trust me, I can smell it. The 'swipe' thing will be adopted by some other Symbian model if they confirm will not be continuing the production which will be a waste.

Meego a good OS, a waste? Huh! Just let SAMSUNG, LG and HTC produce the phones just like android. The phone will sell like "HOT LAVA" not HOT CAKE (outdated).

  • AnonD-1906

Meego Revolution, 28 Sep 2011"Nokia may have announced that the N9 will be the last of t... moreThey said the same thing about N900. Keep dreaming that XDA will support meego

  • Tim

Meego Revolution, 28 Sep 2011"Nokia may have announced that the N9 will be the last of t... moreXDA? Why? For a device with a userbase of 95,000? Gotta be kiddng.

  • Tim

And pigs will fly.

Same was promised for N900, as well as N97. The 'support' was just bug fixes, and that too months late.

You can't expect a phone with production quantity of 95,000 to be supported, can you?

  • Anonymous

Did the news just mention, last meego device from Nokia? Ouch.

  • Vic

You should read this URL before you buy Meego Device:­whats-next-meego

Now the focus is shifted to Tizen.. which is HTML 5 based OS. Not sure where are we going from there...

  • AnonD-11450

Oh android fanboys are trolling here also hmmmmmm you are most welcome guys call your friends also and start bashing nokia in this thread also

  • Meh~!

Nokia promised symbian updates to roll out in few weeks time, that was 2 months ago, then later mentioned that it will be coming soon in next few months time...ain't gonna fall for this again.

  • Rosh

Dammm...n9 does not hve the usb on da go feature...its a big silly mistake....

  • Anonymous

continued support from nokia means one update per year. it doesn't event matter if you complain. you're only getting one update per year. that's the nokia way.

  • Anonymous

i do not risk my money to take a new lie from nokia. nokia, you must understand only a miracle can put you back on top. your strategy sucks, windows on mobile is a garbage, no one wants it. better a symbian belle with a dual core 1.5 ghz cpu and a 16 mp camera with full hd. only android can save nokia now. are you proud or stupid???