Microsoft working on a foldable Surface phone, LG to supply the displays

30 June 2018
Leaked Microsoft document, Windows 10 API and a recent tweet from the Surface chief come to fire up the Surface Phone rumors once again.

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Galaxy Note 9, 03 Jul 2018I am not sure which region you are, Windows publicly disown... moreGot update today, with Win 10 in PC. And yes, i am from EU. About apps, seems like universal apps idea is still working as a lot new apps (games mostly, though) have appeared in last few months.

Vegetaholic, 03 Jul 2018Why the he'll do you need to do that? And no, of course not.why not?

  • ExcaliburII

Galaxy Note 9, 03 Jul 2018I am not sure which region you are, Windows publicly disown... moreYou realize it's not a mobile OS...but windows 10 on ARM. Very interesting since no one else has something like this.

tigerbomb1996, 30 Jun 2018so when that device release to market can i play pc games (... moreWhy the he'll do you need to do that? And no, of course not.

SpiritWolf, 01 Jul 2018What's bad in your vocabulary? No way Windows Mobile was p... moreI am not sure which region you are, Windows publicly disowned Windows Mobile OS which means there will not be any focus by the app developers. Many of my domestic apps stopped supporting Windows Mobile. It was a good mobile, no doubts on that, it was useful for making calls, taking pictures, sending and receiving messages, emails. But Apps were not supported in my region by the app developers. They only support regions where they are obliged to provide support and services (like EU)

Geric.770, 03 Jul 2018So what? Windows Mobile is obsolete these days, especially... moreI did not ask you anything. I only stated. What's your point?

nate0, 03 Jul 2018If you are an Apple or Android fan of course...So what?
Windows Mobile is obsolete these days, especially that Android has been doing better over the years.
And, Apple implemented back the gesture based UI which is futuristic.

Geric.770, 30 Jun 2018If it's released on that month, it will be overshadowed by ... moreIf you are an Apple or Android fan of course...

  • MocaPalm

Perhaps if Microsoft allowed their diehard windows phone users to trade up to this new device it may have a fighting chance. The glut of Windows phones that are still out there are worthless, but give a generous credit and the diehards will come flocking back.

  • Tonberry

Looks awesome. But if it's not going to be ridiculously out of this world expensive, I'll eat my shoe.

Scamsung forget the concept because it was too expensive and noone would buy.
Just consumers paid a lot in tsamsung phones to cover all Samsung expenses spent on this unreliable project.
Now Microsoft which ive up with windows phones thinks they can waste another billions in project which have no chance to see the light of a day and if even it will be possible price will be so high taht noone will afford apart from rich people who had eough to buy Vertu phones for example.

  • Anonymous

It's just 2 curved edges merge together...*Yawn*

  • from zero to hero

Shanti Dope, 01 Jul 2018I would also love to switch to a Windows phone. Imagine a ... moreYep Windows Phone was a great alternatve to mid, and low end Android devices.
But, also, Windows phones, most of those low end Windows phones was a stuck on a curent version. Lumia 630 is never was get Windows 10 Mobile, also some of other Lumias.. And with those 8.1, Microsoft is disabled own apps, for example, Skype..
And there is no custom roms :D

  • from zero to hero

Windoze, 01 Jul 2018Imagine using Android on a dual-screen device *cringe*You don't need to imagine. ZTE Axon M is there and with cheap price. For some reason, Android os is today, most popular os in the world, at least 100 known OEMs use Android os in their smartphones. Some of them have dual screen (like Axon M).
Try it, is not that bad concept.. To prepare for this Surface Phone - since 2012;

  • from zero to hero

kris, 01 Jul 2018yes yes. that shortsighted indian ceo had sinbglehandedly s... moreYes, but with cutting costs (employees, developers, canceled Lumias, Bands, Watchs, Tablets etc..)
Microsoft, today is (only) cloud company, so yes there is a profit, but, no new phones with ms os, no new bands, watchs, last but not least no apps & games in (still buggy) Windows 10;

vrvly, 30 Jun 2018I'm sure there will be a lot android foldables, possibly ev... moreI got that feeling too.

my nokia 620 says hello

Windoze, 01 Jul 2018To be fair, Windows Phone/Mobile was started under Ballmer ... moreMatt be lazy Microsoft wanted to milk Android though licences instead of competing them directly

  • Anonymous

So I am guessing with two displays a SOT of 3 hours max

Geric.770, 01 Jul 2018Ha! Try Android at least today, and you'll experience it w... moreAs there is nothing other then Android in the market then of curse most users prefer Android. IOS devices are for only few as there prices are to high for most people on the world and Android you can get even for 50 euro phones. As there are no windows phones on the market that are new and that OS was only for few years so there cant be much of a market for them too.