Microsoft working on a foldable Surface phone, LG to supply the displays

30 June 2018
Leaked Microsoft document, Windows 10 API and a recent tweet from the Surface chief come to fire up the Surface Phone rumors once again.

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Only worth it with real windows and ability to install a second OS. A foldable tablet with phone capabilities should have a good longevity.

If only it ran android

  • Ashish awasthi

This marks my last article on anything "Windows"....

nate0, 30 Jun 2018October 2018?If it's released on that month, it will be overshadowed by Pixel 3/XL, iPhones, and Note.


October 2018?

A failed Tiles app drawer and kicking people out of the woods for supporting Windows Mobile (Lumia 950 XL) . People already fed up with taking chances by paying ransom. This may look sexy in paper but if Microsoft drops the ball for the poor show you end up paying for an expensive paper weight.

I would only consider a phone like this if it can run real windows instead of a dumbed down version with access to a dozen apps.
No reason for a limited OS when we can get GPD WIN cheaper.

  • Anonymous

If it's also a smartphone, then hopefully it has a good camera. Microsoft knows about computational photography.

so when that device release to market can i play pc games (not stream) in those device ?

  • Anonymous

Exciting? Well some need is having a wet dream just by looking at the render.

  • ZloiYuri

Two worst in mobile business companies joins to produce traditionally for m$ bad assembled and non-supported something.

You cucked us soo hard with those lumia I bought 800 925 930 really loved the phone since Android was buggy I was happy with the smooth windows it had decent apps for a normal person. I was looking forward to 950 but it was a pos plastic trash. Looked like something at par with galaxy s2 likes.
So how are you going to even bring back a fan boy like me. With these surface phones what guarantee u have that you won't wuss out like before

Can't wait to resurrect the Windows phone back!
(Why LG OLEDs!? Samsung OLEDs please?)

This is indeed quite exciting, my friend has been wanting a phone that runs Windows 10 and I loved my old Nokia Lumia