Microsoft working on a foldable Surface phone, LG to supply the displays

30 June 2018
Leaked Microsoft document, Windows 10 API and a recent tweet from the Surface chief come to fire up the Surface Phone rumors once again.

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  • Anonymous

This is probably for the enterprise market, not consumers.

Microsoft as stupid as windows!

They killed Windows Mobile. Why should I trust them again? I bet in just couple of years this project will be wrapped up and killed. Then, no one get support anymore. Windows just couldnt compete. They make something and its existence always only for a short time. Nokia windows phone is dead. Lumia is dead. Microsoft is expert in short-term project. Half baked devices. Just keep making computer and stay low profile please Microsoft.

  • Anonymous

Will be good anything other than apple break easily shtt antenna lines from iPhones

I guess this make much more sense for foldable phone rather than using android, since as advanced as android gets, it still far from versatility of window not to mention the integration, but still there's a catch in which the window is still in need for further polishing to be use for mobile usage

  • .alpha

What's the point? That shortsighted Indian CEO already killed Microsoft's chance of having a footing in mobile. All this just to make the next quarter's number look better.

  • .

Better come with Android.
Please take lesson from Nokia.

Kiyasuriin, 30 Jun 2018I agree. However. It's possible to flash a rom on it if it'll us... moreI'm sure there will be a lot android foldables, possibly even ones with dual OS. I know they bring a lot of apps to android, and new device will also lack a lot of them in their OS, but it comes as computer on new format with a bright future surface's got, sure apps will follow.
This is also not for ordinary user, be it for price or way of usage.
Looking at 1000-2000€ priced special edition devices, it may be as well very pricy, not now the ''usual'' Pricy 999€. So it may as well pack some impressive hw, without setting high price for the design.

  • SZTadir

As a pocketable computing device it may work, given that it has sufficient processing power (though I doubt it). As a mobile, it will be a difficult road.

As much as I hate to admit it, I am comfortable at Google's walled garden (I say 'walled' because Android offers much more seamless integration of various Google services compared to Windows or any other OS). I can live without every other apps, but I need seamless integration of Google apps in my Phone, no matter the OS.

Hence, iPhone is out of question for me. But if the price is right, I might buy it as a secondary device.

  • Archangel

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2018Microsoft has always been very good. At following others.And yet, my 950 still runs circles around iphones

Best thing about that device will be probably not hw but what you will be able to do on their cloud, be it work or gaming.

  • Anonymous

Microsoft has always been very good. At following others.

Geric.770, 30 Jun 2018IDK if this is a comeback for Microsoft though. Status is alwa... moreLumias almost had a good run, until they got a deprecated windows and bad support. Their almost great hardware was let down by the poor support and almost empty app market

Listen, 30 Jun 2018You cucked us soo hard with those lumia I bought 800 925 930 rea... moreSurface products are both quality and a good looking design. But I like Android way too much on mobile to switch to a W10 OS.

LG Superfan, 30 Jun 2018If only it ran androidI agree. However. It's possible to flash a rom on it if it'll use a Qualcomm (or //pukes Mediatek =_=)

Well as they do laptops with SD845 in them then i dont see it hard that it would run on full windows 10. Or these new SD 1000 series.

But the folding screen isnt looking good and especially in the middle and when the phone is folded there is that screen going around the edge that can be easily damaged.

Interesting design. If it remains a fairly compact phone with decent specs and a good price. Well HELLOOOOO Surface 1!

  • Anonymous

From all the patents and leaked pictures i have seen so far from other companies i think this microsoft looks more promising. I just hope there will be enough competition around when all of them starts releasing foldable devices.

H-1, 30 Jun 2018Maybe they're aiming to overshadow the competition XD Doable, b... moreIDK if this is a comeback for Microsoft though.
Status is always *DOA*.

Geric.770, 30 Jun 2018If it's released on that month, it will be overshadowed by Pixel... moreMaybe they're aiming to overshadow the competition XD
Doable, but unlikely given Microsoft's history with phones