Sony details its contributions to smartphone innovation in cool infographic

05 July 2018
The infographic shows Sony's flagships that will go down in history as the world's first.

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  • Riki

the interesting point is this list is incomplete.
It also seems that some people can't see the difference between 720p and 4k, well they probably need eye surgery or they are simply malicious gossip.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-76058, 10 Jul 2018They did not upgrade their LED flash since 2010 ! what a c... moreCan Oled update to 4K not just 2k can Oled have HDR display, can Oled have both of these technology on display development? Only IPS can.

  • AnonD-76058

They did not upgrade their LED flash since 2010 !
what a cheap company you are Sony

All this innovations are mostly gimmicky, except water proofing. If you think you can easy any differences between 4k screen and 720p screen on a phone without looking from few inch distance think again cause you don't. Sony was all the time behind competition in chipset speed, camera and design. Well they caught up with processing power but unfortunatelly design and camera experiences stayed in a past. Plus charging for their phones Samsung and Apple prices leads straight to HTC graveyard.

Doesn't matter if they did all these world firsts if they can't make a good flagship in 2018. The Z3 was a great phone and I have no clue why they would completely redo the internal layout. They fit 3100mAh in a 7.2mm body with an SD801 and heatpipe... that was absolutely killer for a 2014 flagship. Now imagine that with a stacked SLP motherboard with an SD845 without a heatpipe (both result in less internal space use). They could fit atleast 3300mAh in the same size body. With what the Z3 had, if they kept constantly improving instead of trying to reinvent the wheel where its unnecessary, they would have a really competitive flagship today. Who the hell in 2014 would've imagined Sony's phones would get fatter to fit a similar battery capacity, no significant improvement in brightness (650 nits in 2018, really?!?), worse battery life, a terrible fingerprint sensor placement and a trash camera? This thing lacks a headphone jack and it still crosses the 11mm mark... WTF!!! Its absurd. Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Premium are trash and I'm not too optimistic about the upcoming XZ3 either. I was once an optimist for Sony Mobile just 2 years ago but now I think they are dead and they are simply delaying their death by cutting costs.

  • Jeepers Creepers

Ash, 06 Jul 2018Xperia xz2 premium $1000 iPhone x $1000 Only an ignorant ... moreyou ignorant fanboy...

why in the world you compare a phone still not in the market to iphone X? you realise that iphone also will release new iphone x twins? and guess the price... i'll say 1200$-1500$ price range.

in this case when you compare XZ 2 premium with the newest coming soon iphone you will notice the difference... coz both phones still not in the market yet.

  • Anonymous

zamroni1, 06 Jul 2018ok you can say what you want to say, Sony. however, until n... moreAnd yet, the screen looks better than oled on Samsung.

If you’re not first, you’re last. In sony’s Case, they are first in features but last in sales. Obviously, their mobile division doesn’t have the luck they had with PlayStation (Microsoft and Nintendo shot themselves in their foot with bad initial impressions on Xbox one and wii u respectively, paving the easy road to ps4’s massive success) so they have to change their philosophy in mobile if they want me to survive.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2018My bet,, , yes on Sony 1st 5g cell in 2019! Oooohh yes Sony is great

  • Anonymous

Muffin, 06 Jul 2018Is SONY hinting that it's going to release the WORLD'S FIRS... moreMy bet,, , yes on Sony 1st 5g cell in 2019!

zamroni1, 06 Jul 2018ok you can say what you want to say, Sony. however, until n... moreI might be agree with you that sony don't have oled
But speaking honestly, the screen on sony phone is already great despite it's an ips panel(Quantum dot variant that technically the same thing with qled by samsung) and to some extent i prefer that, because oled burn, and there a lot of static elements in android phone especially the latest Android with the nav bar, the icon at side of the notch
Most people can't tell the different of oled and sony ips, except for seasoned smartphone user who switch back and forth of the two screen or if they had both phone side by side displaying black

As always in GSMArena a Sony-related article brings lots of comments, trolling and haters... Sony users are accustomed to these innovations years ago, even prior than the global industry adopted some procedures as a standard -

Also, maybe the bloggers at Sony were lazy to research or remember, because this infographic list falls very short in comparison to all their prowess and contributions since 2013

  • Muffin

Is SONY hinting that it's going to release the WORLD'S FIRST 5G PHONE? Yeah I'm sure it is. Sony is all about innovation. Good luck Sony.

Apple and Copysung are watching to copy SONY'S new innovation. Good luck copy cats.

PS: To Appy fanboys who think apple never copies; iPhone 4's design was copied from SONY. You can google it.

ok you can say what you want to say, Sony. however, until now you don't have one with oled screen. screen is the smartphone part that users mostly see.

Droidtard, 06 Jul 2018And Samsung made red in to orange.Indeed, but we're talking about sony's accomplishments here ;)

To be honest, I loved Sony's phones back in the Ericsson days. K800i was my favorite, a decent camera, a time stopping flash, and a snappy experience overall. I have old 3.2 MP photos that look better than ones taken with their early S line after splitting.. Even the Xperia X10 delivered almost unmatched photography for its time, and still better than some of its current phones. Now you get pampered if you buy a Z line, and left out if you buy lower, with lower specs and bad service.

Why brag about innovations? deliver unmatched devices and service and let people brag for you.

Would welcome anything moji support instead of such scanning . More usable.

ProJames, 06 Jul 2018Sammy's main business model is selling components. So pleas... moreHmm, makes sense

[deleted post]Even on Samsung I still dont find it useful. Its not a life changing feature you use everday.

kerul, 06 Jul 2018And some day when iPhone and Sammy phones come out with 4k ... moreBest example of this marketing "influence" is enhanced mobile dual speaker virtual surround sound, and virtual soundstage sound through headphones....present on Xperia phones since 2013/2014., present on some other since only last year made available by Dolby, and Htc M9 since 2015
Common Joe didnt even appreciate it all these years due to lack od marketing.
But still better on Xperias due to balanced front firing speakers.

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2018Nice claims by Sony as 'Sony first' innovations. Unfortunat... moreAnd some day when iPhone and Sammy phones come out with 4k support and they make it hype with paid marketing, same ppl like will say wow iPhone and Sammy have 4k support what Sony did?

And I am not wrong, very recent case is 960fps slow motion recording, do you agree or not but in terms of innovation you have to consider Sony is best amongst others.