Sony details its contributions to smartphone innovation in cool infographic

05 July 2018
The infographic shows Sony's flagships that will go down in history as the world's first.

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Anonymous, 06 Jul 2018Lack of competition will their fault because they're the th... moreInnovation costs. For ex, New Aube image processing costs, most certainly alot...
New chip, coding for it...
It is not the same as common addon dual camera postprocessing image stacking, which cannot achieve that high level of ISO in video, or blurless highly sensitive lowlight photo. (Try shooting a busy town street at night with p20pro night mode and you ll know what I mean...)

Although I do agree they seem to be lacking a sense for competitive pricing and especially marketing, they need to cover these RnD costs on their low volume of sales

And as always Its mostly only about number and sony only provide a tech, but dont know what to do with it. 3D scanning is good, but no use. Why they dont they utilize it for face unlock or 3D avatar or sticker..

  • Droidtard

Shui8, 06 Jul 2018Check your facts again. Triluminous and XReality are wrongl... moreiPhone 6 bending issue
iPhone 6s fading aluminum back
htc one camera tint
lg g3 bootloop
galaxy s7 deadboot

None of these big companies fixed their problem.

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H-1, 06 Jul 2018And Sony made faces look green not grass ;)And Samsung made red in to orange.

kerul, 06 Jul 2018Do you really know the meaning of the innovation? Features ... moreCommon joe can not comprehense the difference.
For common joe for ex bezeless is termed "innovation", and just enhancing old existing features is "innovation" over true greenfield new innovative features Sony creates.

I personally commend Sony mostly for their sound innovations in mobile: S force front virtual surround, dsse hx upscaling, ldac wireless sound.

Also new X reality dedicated chip 4k sdr to hdr upscaling and 10bit hdr video recording is indeed great stuff.

And now dedicated Aube real time image processing for double sensor camera setup achieves new standard in lowlight video and photo imaging too.

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2018You should compare with recently flagship, like the P20 Pro... moreAnd Sony made faces look green not grass ;)

  • Anonymous

Nice claims by Sony as 'Sony first' innovations. Unfortunately, Sony focused too much on optional/elective features which many users don't care about - that unnecessary 4k/4K HDR display on a small screen smartphone, that overhyped waterproofing, that overkill Gigabit LTE speeds (as if 100mbps is not fast enough), that faddish novelty of super slo-mo videos, that rapidly go stale, etc. Sony would have been more successful had it strengthened and focused on its weak main features. Few actually like that trademark Sony Xperia smartphone shape with those sharp, pointed edges and huge 3/4" bezels top and bottom, the low capacity sealed batteries that are in frequent need of charging, and that famous sunburned Sony signature color causing red-skewed white balance/red skewed colors in its photos and videos.

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AR features. ( 2013) I also used.
In auto mood camera, symbol show in camera what types of objects e.g documents, moving part, pet etc (many company called AI).
Most important thing image colour is very natural by Sony camera.
No extra wash like
According to me
Best UI
Love Xperia keyboard.

  • Apasserby

Xreality + Triluminous + Anime = Perfection

(Note that this is the writer oppinion any disagreement shall be replied with nothing)

Shui8, 06 Jul 2018Check your facts again. Triluminous and XReality are wrongl... moreTriluminous
- Enhance color pallete to more smooth gradient make it looks like got higher color bit than usual. No oversaturation applied.

- Add sharpness to every edges on pictures and videos (base on color and contrast detection) make things look more details with no artifacts present unlike traditional sharpness increment which will leads to artifacts. Again, its not oversaturate color at all. That only present in Vivid mode.

This indeed innovations by Sony only. Period.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2018Some people now so cheap buy chinese phone with no RnB budg... moreLack of competition will their fault because they're the the ones who don't want to price their phones aggressively. Don't blame the customers for their mistakes

  • Anonymous

Some people now so cheap buy chinese phone with no RnB budget, if motorola n sony bankrupt, technology will stuck and will like current phone forever

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2018Trilumonos : Marketing name of ips lcd Xreality: Marketing... moreCheck your facts again. Triluminous and XReality are wrongly describe. Buy a Sony TV and u know what i mean, and it goes the same to Xperia smartphone.

Both are great innovations.

  • Anonymous

Trilumonos : Marketing name of ips lcd
Xreality: Marketing name of Oversaturated
Dvs: Not sony's invention. Motorola rokr did it first
Sony dont have usable innovations.

And if they have.. their innovations are less than their problems.
Self cr.acking screen during winter, overheat, xperia t3 xpl0sion, poor service standard, camera distortion,

  • Anonymous

Ash, 06 Jul 2018Xperia xz2 premium $1000 iPhone x $1000 Only an ignorant ... moreDon't forget about IPhone's issues and crap os.

  • Ballu

Sony is Sony

Mike, 06 Jul 2018What do you think of a company that even till today is unab... moreIt's not that they're not able to do it. It's something that for some reason they are not doing it. Like till today they stick with LCD display, cause they want to give you the best from their weapons i.e. triluminos display.

Why you are not asking Sammy or Apple to provide 4k display.

Cause we all are human and we always see what we like and believe it's the best.

And I am using Huawei phone not Sony now a days, but still I admire Sony for it's innovation and quality.

Plazmex8, 06 Jul 2018- No 128 GB Storage - No 3.5mm Audio Jack - No AMOLED Sc... moreDo you really know the meaning of the innovation? Features in your phone are not innovation.

Just list down innovations done by Samsung or LG or Apple did and compare it with what Sony did.

This article is not about selling or features included in your smartphone, it's about innovation.

  • Ash

Anonymous, 05 Jul 2018XZ Premium $750 Iphone X $1000 Where is the same price? Xperia xz2 premium $1000
iPhone x $1000
Only an ignorant would compare last gears Sony phone with the current iPhone.
Let's not forget the Xperia xz3 just waiting to launch.

  • Mike

What do you think of a company that even till today is unable to built optical image stabilization even into its flagships? Thanks, but no.