HTC revenue keeps falling: June numbers 67% down compared to 2017

06 July 2018
It's looking worse and worse for HTC's business.

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Anonymous, 08 Jul 2018Google bought Motorola before only to sell it to Lenovo at a hug... moreMicrosoft couldn't fix Nokia? Microsoft is the reason Nokia broke down in the first place. Their mole aka Stephen Elop made sure Nokia was for sale for Microsoft to buy after getting job of CEO.

  • Nick

I think the counterclockwise article must be on rise and impending doom of the company HTC?

PapaRafe, 10 Jul 2018What a downgrade, from high to low grade Xiaomi is dirt compare... moreQuality wise?
That just means you haven't held a xiaomi before.
Plus, although I use that vid to defend the U12, would yo kindly see the jerry rig everything video. Poorly built flagship that would cost a fortune to repair.

H-1, 08 Jul 2018No problem, I like to listen :) Although we're talking about HT... moreYes sorry my mistake its HTC.
And yes sacking 2500 people is just too much.
These needs to find new work and there is no idea if they get some extra money for their long time spend in working for HTC. I man leaving money due to HTC problems.

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2018My most favorite brand before I jump to xiaomiWhat a downgrade, from high to low grade
Xiaomi is dirt compared to HTC quality wise.
Maybe only features are on xiaomi side

  • Anonymous

I saw this coming. Greedy company . Took long enough though ...
Pretty ambitious to think they could compete pricing w/ the likes of Samsung/Sony etc.
Even Huawei is better but they price their phone more. tsk tsk

Their future is clear... Death...
Just look at the previous company Google bought...

  • Anonymous

My most favorite brand before I jump to xiaomi

  • Help This Company???

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2018both of you, vote with your money and buy that u12 or whatever I would, but they are not selling the U12+ 128GB in Europe. The previous model had the 128 GB storage, but here HTC cut back on colour options, only plain black was available of the 4 colours in total...

  • Mr.Xno1

even I jump from manufacturer to manufacturer every year to try different techs but only HTC i did not try, they're pricing for what you actually get is just a turn off, similar problem with sony but sony at least has ridiculously fast flagships and had ldac (xz premium). HTC just stuck with their old design and old software and instead of going the risk of innovation like other OEM did, they gave you incredible useless and gimmicky features like that squeezing, come on man, who thought thats a good idea and lastly they have no marketing at all, not saying bad marketing i mean NO marketing. Never saw a single HTC ad since the HTC 10. At this ppoint the damage is done and I don't think they will recover even with tons of ads and a really good phone, their image is broken and that can kill a company

CptPower, 08 Jul 2018Man but i would like to reply you even 30 times i like to speak.... moreNo problem, I like to listen :)
Although we're talking about HTC not huawei ;)

Sacking 2500 employees looks bad, but I like to wait and see.

  • Mary

HTC I will buy your phones provided you make something worthwhile that has the following:
-Unique Design
-Removable Battery.
-Aluminium Body
-IR Blaster
-BoomSound Speakers
-Amoled or MicroLED Screen
-Android One Program OS aka Stock
-128GB ROM / 6 GB RAM
-The Exact Camera System on the Pixel 2 or better
-Series 8 or Series 7 Snapdragon SOC

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2018Parts are great, buy not all parts. Take the U12+, screen is sim... moreThe buttons are actually one of the things i like about the U12+. No problems here. Yes I'd love for them to go back to aluminum build and the battery on the U11+ was much better. The rest is personal preference for me. I use bluetooth headset so no problems with the 3.5mm jack. Wireless charging is pretty useless for me. I bought a wireless charger at the height of the Lumia WP, it was a waste as i almost never used it. haha. I like the screen as it is not too saturated.

arnobxperia, 07 Jul 2018they will never learn, camera sucks UI sucks Display sucksCamera sucks?

Dimitris766, 07 Jul 2018Products are mediocre. They keep using poor displays, lousy batt... moreI wonder how are the U11, U11+, and U12+ mediocre?

  • Anonymous

HTC can survive. Come on guys.

H-1, 08 Jul 2018No need to reply me 3 times in 24 hours ;) I'm saying, until ... moreMan but i would like to reply you even 30 times i like to speak.
And what you asking for its too late. Huawei felt down deep down enough to never stand back without any other company which can save it from drowning by throwing them lifeguard tyre.

PapaRafe, 08 Jul 2018I have phase 2-5, since 2010 Hero till date. Just now I decided... moreI moved to Asus too XD
After jumping between brands I settled for the reliable padfone E, I'm considering the zenfone 5/z later this year.

H-1, 08 Jul 2018HTC smartphones in s nutshell: Phase one: we deliver best WinMo... moreI have phase 2-5, since 2010 Hero till date.
Just now I decided to let U11 as my last HTC and move to Asus Zenfone 5.

If die hard fan like me abandoned htc ship, one must wonder what gonna happen....

I followed even when htc was and isn't listening.

HTC smartphones in s nutshell:
Phase one: we deliver best WinMo experience (mostly true)

Phase two (circa 2010, HD2 days): we have unparalleled WinMo and android experience (mostly true)

Phase three (evo 3d days): get innovation at a reasonable price.

Phase four (HTC one days): we offer best 4mp camera in class! And Samsung offers bandaids, our devices "look good" (beginning of the downfall)

Phase five (past 2-3 years): Get our awesome unparalleled experience. We offer mediocre devices with higher prices than average, and overpriced flagships that ommit most usable functions in favor of useless ones.

I'm proud to have been part of the first three phases.. sadly I had to say goodbye