Deal: Get your refurbished Pixel for $200, XL for $230

07 July 2018
Different color and storage options are available on Amazon.

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  • MarcioR

For a refurbished one, 200 bucks is an awesome deal.

  • Anonymous

Not worth it TBH. The battery is most likely on its last leg after 2 years.

  • Anonymous

Despite the low price, wouldn't advice getting this crippled flagship phone without sd card slot, without dual SIM, without ir blaster, without FM radio and refurbished (not brand new) at that, with possible recurring defects and questionable longevity. For a lower price, you can get a brand new Mi A1 which gives you even longer and the same prompt software updates longer than the original Pixels, and with the Mi A1 equipped with dual sim, sd card, ir blaster, FM radio, and a brand new unit at that.

Still statisfied with my pixel XL. Even now days awesome without any lag and guaranteed p Update. If you don't care for "bezelless" and tall display, go get one instead of a midranger.

For 300 rather buy Mi8 Se much better deal or Moto X4 also much better deal.
many other phones brand new are much better than refurbrished piece of Craaaaaaaap.

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2018Depends on what the seller's definition of "refurbished" is.Could be anything. As far as I'm concerned, the internal memory could fry a bit after the return period and you're left with hard-to-repair-junk.

Most people are satisfied with refurbished as long as it is a big center with good replacement parts, but it's never said where it was refurbished and what was replaced. For example, a device that had the screen glass replaced counts as refurbished.

  • Anonymous

Depends on what the seller's definition of "refurbished" is.

And in my country some online retailers have XL 32GB brand new for $300

dales = deals + sales

  • J

Where can I get one???