Sony Xperia XA2 Plus announced with 6" screen, Snapdragon 630

11 July 2018
The mid-ranger packs a 23 MP camera.

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  • Anonymous

Lovely, hopefully android pie out of the box

  • Takahiro

This better be cheaper than XA2 Ultra

Looks like midrange is where Sony's at. Looks like a pretty good phone. If Sony doesn't overprice this and fix any issues that come up with their midrange, then they'll recover.

  • RAMS

waiting for XA2 plus.....

Walter C. Dornez, 14 Jul 2018Perhaps. I was thinking about waiting for the S10 or the ne... moreCool
What phone catches your heart don't hesitate to buy it :)

FromChinaWithLove, 12 Jul 2018If 32GB of storage isn't a problem for you, it would still ... moreTrue. I'll wait then

KamAbdi, 11 Jul 2018If you want it and it entered your heart go for it and neve... morePerhaps. I was thinking about waiting for the S10 or the new iPhones or the new Mates since I'm a sticker for flagships

Lunarwolf, 11 Jul 2018Wait for the review because it has a sd 630 and 3500mah bat... moreI live in the YS, sooo

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2018No Sony phones are even made in Japan to begin with... ... moreNot talking about mfg of origin....

but Sony is Japanese tech company, son. Lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2018Sorry but Japan tech best in world. Hehehe No Sony phones are even made in Japan to begin with...

You want real Japanese feel, go for selected models from Sharp or Fujitsu... When you used those Japan made models, you'll never look at Sony again as a benchmark...

Pretty much how the xz2 should look like

  • Anonymous

Sony is a beaSt of cells.

  • Troi

Hi Res audio. Nice.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2018We will see the price, if this phone reached 300$ then its ... morePlus a notch for free..

  • Anonymous

Shrunken Bezels, rounded edges, seems slimmer than the XA1,

its a step forward

FromChinaWithLove, 12 Jul 2018That's just a reply to the other guy. And mainly, I'm j... moreWow as if the Xperias are a plaeg or something.
Xperias are like any kind of smartphones.
Less Ram effects all the smartphones even the iphone
I had 2GB of ram in my Xperia Z and its fine but the storage of 16 GB is small so it became full before a year.
So no need to warn others about Xperia and if you want to warn the people, warn them in general aspect of any smartphone not about Xperia
Sony never released less Rams
When it was 2 Ram all the smartphones had it.
Sony was the one got 3GB of Ram before Samsung. And with the midrangers they never did that but before was like before they cancel names like C, T, M and others.
NO one needed to worry about then and no needs to worry about now.
Your strange dude. 0_0

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Sorry but Japan tech best in world. Hehehe

TheGoldenMellifluous, 12 Jul 2018But AFAIK, SD660 should been graced to the successor of now... moreThank you for the enlightening reply

  • Anonymous

Oppaii, 12 Jul 2018But your experience would be different. That 6gb RAM of V... moreWell, still sd 660 still powerful than sd630

  • Winston

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2018But you can have sd660 and 6gb ram in exchange of that, so ... moreThe SD630 and 4 GB in Sony, of course.
One day, when you'll get older, you'll realize that numbers aren't everything, and that 4 can be more than 6, that 630 can be faster than 660, and that 2000 maH can last longer than 3000.