Sony Xperia XA2 Plus announced with 6" screen, Snapdragon 630

11 July 2018
The mid-ranger packs a 23 MP camera.

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  • stivi737

It is amazing how fanboys put Sony before themselves. I know the price is yet to be announced but it would surprise me if it was less than 300 Euro.
Beside that, as its "best mdiranger yet" shouldn't it get at least a SD660 or the SD710? I know the SD636 is really good but it is factually worse than the 2 afformentioned and it is found on 180-280 Euro devices.

Budget chipset, no stereospeakers, relatively large bezels, gimmicky hi-res audio, and likely to be overpriced.
No thanks.

  • Vink

Nice Design,Sony. Price should not be high.

  • Anonymous

For once, this is a "worthy" device. BUT knowing Sony, it is likely OVERPRICED for a mid-range phone.

  • Anonymous

Sony should just stop already, its embarrassing to watch.

  • Tike Myson

Oh, come on sony
at least give it snapdragon 660

  • Zero

Nice design and decent chipset. Next year they must use SD 636/640 in order to make an evolution.

  • AnonD-481725

Thats a design Sony! That's a design.

  • Bhanu

Sony got right with this design. Hope they get back to their glory days