ZTE and USA reach an agreement to lift ban

12 July 2018
ZTE has had to deposit $400 million in an escrow account to be allowed to trade with US manufacturers.

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Kangal, 15 Jul 2018Yeah, I hope so too. I just hope they compete with them wi... moreI've seen a few patents. One shows a dual notch idea. That doesn't seem too bad. Granted, I'd rather take full bezels but if they go with that idea, it might mean that a version of the Axon 9 might be dual notched with glass and another, more practical one, with full bezels and metal

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    • 15 Jul 2018

    Walter C. Dornez, 14 Jul 2018True. I suppose you're right about the regression. Still, Z... moreYeah, I hope so too.
    I just hope they compete with them without stooping down to the level of OnePlus:
    - gimped USB 2.0 port
    - no (official) IP68 certification
    - fragile rear construction
    - larger device dimensions (notch and aspect ratio made the device LARGER)
    - weakened software support (OnePlus One and 3 policy, much better than 1+6 policy)

      Kangal, 12 Jul 2018Well, you're not wrong. I listed all the shortcomings of t... moreTrue. I suppose you're right about the regression. Still, ZTE had competed with OnePlus in the past. I don't think they're going to stop.

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        • 12 Jul 2018

        Walter C. Dornez, 12 Jul 2018I read that entire thing and kept on wincing. A lot of what... moreWell, you're not wrong.
        I listed all the shortcomings of the current industry, and as you can tell there are no single manufacturer which isn't without its flaws, nor without some advantages. So if ZTE did build a device like I said, it certainly would NOT be easy.... but it would be VERY rewarding for them as a company. Why? Because it would be a phone that appeals to the every-man and the enthusiast... and they can keep the mold and reiterate it next-gen with better components (chipset, camera, screen). So yes ZTE would be intelligent to listen to the wisdom I have provided.

        The only reason that I'm whinging is because I hate to see innovative phones like the ZTE Axon 7 become evolve into something worse like the HTC U11 or a Essential PH-1. And trust me, its possible for such a thing to happen... and often it spells the coming regression of a company.

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          • 12 Jul 2018

          Why do you guys think that ZTE is a good company? and only think about phones or networking? They literally cheated on a government project in the Philippines by not abiding to the agreed contract. It was a multi billion contract that's not even complete yet since its still in court. Bidding for an infrastructure project and not doing it and just go home after a big deposit?

            Kangal, 12 Jul 2018ZTE made decent handsets for a while. The Idol 3 was revolu... moreI read that entire thing and kept on wincing. A lot of what you said was really just bashing other companies and making up your own dream Axon9 in my opinion. Also, saying that ZTE would only be intelligent if they followed what you think is right is absurd. The phone is going to be awesome, but it can only have so much for its price tag.

              yee, 12 Jul 2018why they've settled with yanks?! us is only 350milion peop... moreYou do know that they needed parts from American companies though, right? This ban would’ve killed the company, or at the very least, crippled it a little

                Yay! This is such good news!

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                  • 12 Jul 2018

                  why they've settled with yanks?!
                  us is only 350milion people where rest of the world 7billion.
                  I wouldn't even care dealing with not so united states and concentrate on building good relationships with europe and asia.
                  Americans can't live without their crappy ifruit company products so I wouldn't even try to trade there.
                  apparently bigger is better so 7bil>350mil

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                    • Kangal
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                    • 12 Jul 2018

                    ZTE made decent handsets for a while. The Idol 3 was revolutionary form-factor, whereas the Axon 7 was the best flagship killer since years. So I am hopeful.

                    I hope they make a new "flagship killer" that is less form-more function. That means:
                    - Unique, stylish, and ergonomic shaping like OnePlus 3 shape
                    (not copy-cat like OnePlus 6 shape)
                    - Scratch-resistant Series7000 Aluminium Unibody like OnePlus 5t construction
                    (not shatter-prone Glass)
                    - Extra-sturdy durability like S8 Active
                    (not weak like iPhone 8)
                    - Flat front glass display like LG G6 front
                    (not curved like S9 display)
                    - 16:9 display in centre, with an extra width (17:9) to fill in circle-corners and notch
                    (not unpractical like Vivo Nex S)
                    - Small notch that houses sensor, speaker, camera like OnePlus 6
                    (not huge notch like Xiaomi Mi 8)
                    - Double-notch for symmetrical aesthetics like ZTE Iceberg
                    (not asymmetrical like Huawei P20)
                    - Dual front-firing stereo loudspeakers like the Razer Phone
                    (not fake-stereo like Samsung S9)
                    - Dual-secondary (eg IMX362) front-cameras with EIS
                    (AI-processing increases quality, 15cm Pupillary Distance allows Face Tracking/Animoji's)
                    - Dual-primary (eg IMX380) rear-cameras with individual OIS, laser-focus, LED-flash
                    (AI-processing increases quality, 8cm Pupillary Distance allows realistic VR/AR, 360' video recording with front-and-rear cameras)
                    - Programmable Quad-buttons Right Side like a Nexus 5
                    (not squeeze flaps like the HTC U12)
                    - Included in the box, two pocketable Side-mounted controllers like RoG Phone
                    (not a poor implementation like the Xiaomi Black Shark)
                    - 3.5mm aux jack AND USB-3.1 typeC centred of Left Side like RoG Phone
                    (not like USB2.0 and jack-less on Oppo FindX)
                    - Hybrid DualSIM-microSD slot like Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
                    (not locked-out like the Google Pixel 2XL)
                    - 4,000mAh battery like Xiaomi Max 2
                    (not small like LG G7)
                    - Blazing fast, pure, and latest AndroidOne software like Nokia 7 Plus
                    (not like half-promised OnePlus support, or bloated TouchWizz)
                    - Cutting-edge specs and performance like OnePlus 6
                    (not half-specced like Oppo R11s Plus)

                    ...and if ZTE are intelligent, they will make two tiers of this. A Base model with 4GB/64GB/IPS for around $500 and a PRO model with 8GB/128GB/AMOLED for around $700.

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                      • 12 Jul 2018

                      It's all about 5G.
                      ZTE willing to pay big fine because they will get the money back from 5G business, not cellphone business.

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                        • 12 Jul 2018

                        Shame that they were so bent on protecting the people at the top - it never would have gotten this bad if they had just cleaned house from the start. Instead they probably gave those execs bonuses. Hope they'll learn from this to put the good of the company above the good of the management.

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                          • 12 Jul 2018

                          Anonymous, 12 Jul 2018This company should disappear from the face of the earth af... moreLol.

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                            • 12 Jul 2018

                            Awesome! Here's hoping the Axon 9 pro design will emerge soon!

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                              • 12 Jul 2018

                              This company should disappear from the face of the earth after what they have done. Everyone and every company that supports oppressive regimes should be banned worldwide.

                              ZTE is a despicable company and anyone who buys their products is even more despicable. Go for better brands instead of this shame of a company.

                                Will ZTE Axon M will discontinued after ZTE and USA reach an agreement to lift ban?

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                                  • 12 Jul 2018

                                  Great news. Zte is good brand. The axon 7 was the best. Just underrated. Need new devices now.

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                                    • 12 Jul 2018

                                    This looks like a mafia state's behaviour

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                                      • 12 Jul 2018

                                      Zenodroid, 12 Jul 2018welcome to nsa, the only way to spy on you for real. You know, I'd like to spying only by governments, but not miserable companies like bbk or others. And you know, if you play in neighbor's playground - play by their rules. ZTE objectively didn't care usa politics but gone against it. What did they waited for? Roses in bad? If you are acting this way - do your own processors, OS, be independent. Or play by their rules.