Huawei has already sold 3 million Honor 10 units globally

12 July 2018
The phone initially exceeded one million sales in less than a month.

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  • 12 Jul 2018

Having this phone 2 weeks now, as a normal user I would say the battery is enough to make to the day, If you run on power safe mode and u use your display on HD+ instead of FHD+, you will have more than enough to make it to the day.
Unfortunately, I cannot say that you could go 2 days without charging the phone. The good thing is that it comes with fast charger, and its really fast!
I don't think that you are going to run out of battery on this phone, the phone has an ULTRA BATTERY SAFEMODE too!
About the performance, its really fast, no lag, the phone has froze 2 times but it was because intense usage(the first days I was trying everything on the phone lol)
The FACE ID is ok, its getting better day by day because of the AI.
The under screen fingerprint is ok , not that fast as the back ones but I don't mind unlocking my phone in one second.
The camera is excellent, nice shots.
Nice speakers, 3.5mm audio jack
Overall, I love this phone and I do recommend it.

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    • 12 Jul 2018

    Lead2XL, 12 Jul 2018I'm surprised this phone is selling so well when, according... moreI dont believe in test results. Real life use is different.

      Is there any design in Huawei/Honor staff? This lack of symmetry hurts my eyes.

        I'm surprised this phone is selling so well when, according to GSM Arena's battery life tests, the battery life on this phone is rather mediocre. I wouldn't buy it for that reason.