Samsung and Bang & Olufsen present Serenata

02 Oct, 2007
Today, Samsung and Bang & Olufsen unveiled their ingenious and artful music mobile phone Samsung Serenata, designed by David Lewis, whose name is related...

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  • Obvious talker!

this might have a great sound quality but it might really suck as a phone! you just cant get your basics wrong in order to make something different and exclusive! when will these luxury brands get this simple point! infact none of the luxury phones available in the market makes any sense including the Vertu!

the iphone rocks because its first an amazing phone and then and amazing music player! and as far as i know, it will be really hard to beat the music quality of iphone as they are almost as good as it can be... so in that area too i doubt that this Bang & Olufsen phone might top the sound quality of iphones!

as I myself am a musician and i believe i have good musical ears and as far as i know.. apple mp3 players are the best that there is.. nothing can beat them. and they use the same technology for their iphones so they are unbeatable music phones!

hope guys at B&O get this and make a great phone first and then add their already proven music capabilities to it... and that way make a true hard to beat exclusive luxury music phone!

  • Godfred

i have got one and its realy great

  • ChiPoLy

I think the design is great. Very elegant MP3 Player. It should costs no more than $100US :)

  • queen

That new samsung phone is so ugly,really and truly plzzzzzz dont lunch it and people plzzzz dont buy it.

  • sameer shah

is it a mobile in the first place it looks so bad please dont launch it

  • nezard

GOD ITS UGLY! this is such a terrible looking device,and you use the controls upside down?well if you flip it it looks like an ipod ... just much uglier lol what a freak of a device no matter of it features, if it could fly i still wouldn't buy it, it seams so uncomfortable and the plugin for the headphones looks like is just put on the perfect place to break the jack lol it ugly and probably hell expensive coz some art guy designed it like from his wet dreams lol.

  • superdildo

what the freaking hell is this? no camera, no wlan, if I wanted a music player i'd buy a mp3 or mp4 player, nevertheless, the design is quite stunning. I would never waste my money on a thing like this.

  • the don perry

worst phone ever made

  • Anonymous

this thing really are good. i love the style the uniqueness and the feature. way to go samsung . and i also believe that after this samsung will continue to experiment on new ideas. i also hope that this will be the last time that manufacturer will create an ugly phone

  • clauf

"Can I ask where is the keypad? Has it even got one? If it hasn't then its not a phone lol, its an MP3 player!
Dont like the style, looks awkward to use and hold."

Reply: it is touchscreen and touchwheel.

  • Anonymous

wow..really "NICE"

  • Alex_tan168

nice try... but it looks like... sh1t...useless for a batter be only MP3...

  • Anonymous

its a nice example of a mp3 player with phone feature
it looks cool though would like to hear it

  • Anonymous

Can I ask where is the keypad? Has it even got one? If it hasn't then its not a phone lol, its an MP3 player!
Dont like the style, looks awkward to use and hold.

  • Nenad Vuk

i like it very much - bravo samsung

  • Anonymous

don't like it ...
won't buy it....

thanx SAMSUNG ..
thanx B&O ..


  • Andy Burgin

THis should be o.k for a Kids Christmas Present as it looks like a toy not a mobile,Samsung get your heads sorted out an i bet it cost more than 400 as the last one Samsung did was another gadget like look more like a KIDS TOY

  • Nirodha

The more I think about this B&O Serenata the more I see it is a perfect example of 'luxury branding'; used to sell an overpriced object to those who consider themselves 'classy, elegant and worthy of exclusive products'.

The phone will probably be constructed with about $150 worth of components, and labour, by some overworked and underpaid person in China. And, yet I'm sure Samsung and B&O will mark it up at least 10 times and sell it for $1500+.

All luxury brand manufacturers do the same thing now. For example, most Louis Vuitton bags are made for about $100 in Chinese factories. (Yeah, I know it says made in Paris on them, but they only finish them up there - my wife works in the fashion industry. Therefore, I know the facts about these products.) And, yet LV will charge $1500+ for them, making an enormous profit.

These luxury brand makers are just playing with people's ego for financial gain.

  • Anonymous

god, it look ugly, more ugly than nokia's phone...

  • fab

One last comment. I think Samsung should've made the design of this device the other way around, turning the device around. That's so much better. ^_^