EXCLUSIVE: Samsung Nexus Prime first live shot leaks

04 October, 2011
The 4.6" screen of 720p HD resolution and no hardware controls on the front confirmed.

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  • Pooja

I hate people who are being fan boys of brand rather then "Freedom" and "Technology", Simple reason i dont like Iphones are so damn limited stuff, there is no freedom even they don't have common USB port or 3.5mm Jack,... and seriously at least get rid of Itune for transfering :( and lot other stuff.. Price are so overrated compare to what they offer... yeah i had Iphone 4 which is my bro is using now, since android came i switched to Android based phone, and yeah i am loving it... i said android (not brands like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony or anything else), Yeah Iphone will be the best damn smart phone if they stop limiting user and start thinking to give "MORE FREEDOM" like other OS gives...

Again guys i like freedom i have nothing against Iphones ! :)


  • phone geek

small phones, 18 Nov 2011Why do they keep making the freaking phones bigger!!! makes no ... moresome of us like to do more then make calls on our phones.
samsung you rock...keep up the good work.

smack iphone a couple time for me!

  • small phones

Why do they keep making the freaking phones bigger!!! makes no sense if I want to walk with a tablet I'll buy a tablet!!!! Lets keep the phones at 120mm max... I just don;t understand!

  • Anonymous

Wen will.it lounch..

  • Anonymous

midnight tablet, 19 Oct 2011I think its a shame that we t Mobile users been a great support... moredo you need some french cries with that wah burger?

  • mani

has to be one hell of a device,..! found more pictures here.

  • midnight tablet

I think its a shame that we t Mobile users been a great supporters of Google nexus since the first launch of the device and not been able to get it this time

  • bartender

djr35, 10 Oct 2011Does it really matter? Its going to cost an arm and a leg to get... moreAcually the price list just got leaked, $299

  • Bromo

Will be an interesting phone - it always makes me a bit nervous to hear all the hype. As it is just a phone or mobile device, it will simply be a decent choice when it is upgrade time.

  • djr35

Does it really matter? Its going to cost an arm and a leg to get it probably and then its gonna cost you to keep it since its a Verizon exclusive. May as well grab the galaxy s2 and frag it.

  • AnonD-25532

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2011You just have no idea what you're talking about, don't ever insu... morePerhaps I can shed some light on this situation...

Retina is just a term Apple uses to describe it's pixel density as being sufficiently high as to not perceptible as being composed of pixels at the intended viewing distance (~320ppi on a device intended for use in your hand).

In the iPhone4 3.5in, 2:3 screen achieves the requisite 320ppi with a resolution of 960x640.

Samsung's 4.65in 1280x720, 9:16 display also achieves ~320ppi.

Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

Fools and clowns,

All of you who try to cut each other throats over loyalty for these multi-billion companies.
Truth is when anyone displays such absolute brand loyalty they only deny themselves access to innovation because no one company has a monopoly on good products. Competition between them is what brings the best and most innovative products to the consumer.

Every one of these companies bring new ideas, even the Chinese knock-offs are now making the major phone companies try new things like two sim phones.

So you all need to stop all the bullshit brand loyalty arguments and use basic commonsense and display some loyalty to yourself, the consumer.

Apple, Samsung, Microsoft none of those companies give a rat's ass about you, only your spending dollars,

  • Anonymous

AnonD-25297, 07 Oct 2011Ummm wtf... are you serious? A long way to go... Who needs a Sup... moreYou just have no idea what you're talking about, don't ever insult something that you don't own. Go get an iPhone and define what "Retina Display" means. If you can't, you're just blind as hell. As if you can create something better than an iPhone. Stop bugging around with your non sense mate.

  • AnonD-25297

James, 06 Oct 2011The picture is certainly NOT SuperAmoled. The backlight is terr... moreAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what? Long way to go? to me it looks like GS II 800x680, Prime with the HD and Note with the HD+ on a 5.3 they are already there mate.. who's competing? LG? Dell? Apple (lol) with their 3.5 "user friendly" I think i speak for alot of people who know customisation and complexity when they see a samsung

  • AnonD-25297

Ummm wtf... are you serious? A long way to go... Who needs a Super AMOLED plus retina display.. GS and GS II screen completely pwns the iPhones poor excuse for a retina touch display more like retina can't fit my fingers on it. Samsung are taking a Giant leap forward with nearly every release Dual cores, 5.3 inch HD+ smartphones they are leading there is no long way to go...

  • Dude

Lcd screen. no backlight! no amoledos!

  • AnonD-24970

Will this phone be available in India......I'm really looking forward for this phone.

  • Ron

Looks HD SAMOLED to me... the on screen buttons have some serious black background!!!

  • Joe

That's not backlight bleed because those buttons are part of the screen. There's no where for the backlight to actually bleed from.

  • my5cents

in my opinion this is RGB, super AMOLED+, like SGS2 with vertical subpixels, why?
look at ydpi= 3 times xdpi
1280x720 makes diagonal 1468.6 divided by 4.6" makes 320dpi