White Oppo Find X leaks ahead of possible unveiling

17 July 2018
So far the flagship device has only been offered in red and blue.

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  • Anonymous
  • rAs
  • 04 Aug 2018

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2018Looks like a bar of soap.Drone drop it then lol

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    • Dave
    • MDf
    • 31 Jul 2018

    Don't drop the Oppo!

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      • Anonymous
      • 39x
      • 18 Jul 2018

      Anonymous, 18 Jul 2018It is annoying to see the camera pop up every time you unlo... moreOh is it did you get it imported from China then

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        • Anonymous
        • p1i
        • 18 Jul 2018

        Looks like a bar of soap.

          That beautiful and that front image is so fake real one has no bezels except bottom tiny chin

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            • Anonymous
            • KhB
            • 18 Jul 2018

            It is annoying to see the camera pop up every time you unlock the phone.

              When the mobile phone start growing, it become smaller and even smaller compare to the first generation. But when the touchscreen phone coming it become bigger taller and growing up like a dough smash on the ground and over spread.

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                • Kev
                • IW@
                • 18 Jul 2018

                I dont like how white it is. It will be better if its cream white.

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                  • Monoke
                  • gWt
                  • 18 Jul 2018

                  See how much nicer it looks without the ridiculous black outline around the screen most Chinese phones come in.

                    Geric.770, 18 Jul 2018Pristinely clear and good...Hopefully there is a nice rim job. Blue or red on the sides would be sick

                      Pristinely clear and good...

                        Wow, looks nice