Steve Jobs passes away at the age of 56

05 October, 2011
The genius behind Apple's success passed away after a long struggle with cancer.

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  • Anonymous

Missing you buddy.

  • Anonymous

RIP Steve..... Love you forever.

  • Ali BaBa

RIB you the best

  • kapildev

Great Technologist....

  • Anonymous

miss you buddy. Apple forever, Steve for ever, RIP

  • Keihansha

I Always Hate Apple
BUT ... when i read steves biography ...
I've Change My Mind ...Iphone 4S is Coming...

  • SB

We always remember your creation as an Big change is universal ..........

  • apple_junkie

will miss your innovation


Santosh from INDIA

  • milind mirkar

very very sad news 4 me...salute sir!!!

  • Soheil

Rest in peace big man... You did your best....

  • ishaq

steve jobs was a great person.i remember when i saw the apple conference last year i became the fan of apple and jobs.its hardly to believe that he is no more.very sad

  • hritik

no words to say........... just RIP Steve :(

  • waqas

. oh...
v really miss him.....
indeed he z .. innovativ person....

  • Nitin

He is a legend himself.
There were 3 Apples those change the life of peoples
1. Adam n Eve
2. Newton
3. Steve Jobs
Biggest lost to IT industry.

  • Amilacv Desilva

Grate man in the world.

  • Liquid Ocelot

First time posting (GSM Arena you guys are great......Awesome website long time reader)I feel sad.....really.Mobile technologies as we know cellphones/smartphones and tablet computers is a subject that I love with great passion.I never realized how much involment Steve had with the Iphone.Thats why I guess i feel really sad.The Iphone as we all know changed the game for cellphones.The whole reason your holding the device your holding right now is because of the Iphone perhaps your higher end Android device,or one of your newer Blackberries....a la BB9900,or a nice Nokia maybe N8 or E7.Its because of the invention of this great phone maybe even close to "PERFECTION".Think about everything as we know coming out whether it would be Android,BB7,Symbian,Meego,Windows phone 7,Bada,Tizen,and WebOS(RIP :(... are all renditions of IOS.Just think about what else was out there when the Iphone came out back in 2007......Nokia N95,I owned one and man it was amazing I loved that phone.But think about that for a minute and realize my N95 still had a keypad,small screen,and was bulky.Once the Iphone was released that was the moment it gave birth to better more useful and full of great feature cellphones or future cellphones(Not to say my Nokia N95 didnt have good features not at all my nokias features were potentialy better than Iphones).It single handed gave birth to Android,Symbian somewhat (A better version of it at least)and also the Blackberry same deal,Maemo,and Meego without even knowing it.I guess what im trying to say is the the industry was stagnent and perhaps a really slow evolution.......everybody was somewhat content with the current cellphones makers out there.Motorola,Sony Ericsson,Nokia,Samsung,LG,Palm,RIM all had great phones but non with really any real BANG.But the Iphone came out and everything from there just got better.Everything started coming out with bigger better looking screens,touchscreen technology,a good music expirience,slimmer profiles,and better operating systems more user friendy if you will.And I know for a fact I would not be holding my shiny white SE Xperia X10i 2.3(Or lets say I would be holding the X10 without the Iphone it sure as hell wouldnt look and work like this it would be smaller,keypad,low resolution camera,no touchscreen,and no 720p video record).If it wasnt for the invention of Steve Jobs.So thank you Steve Jos for creating something that made life fun,better,and all round great.I use my phone for everything man and its awesome.Iphone is a pioneer of all things Smartphones.Every year an Iphone came out it litteraly set the Standard for the rest of the cellphone makers and everything that would come out was an attempt to beat or at least level with the Iphone.I personally have never owened an Iphone ive only sold them on Craigslist once in a while (I once sold one for $650.00)but i had one for a couple of days at first it was pretty addicting in the begining but I was over it.I stuck to my Nokias' and Sony Ericsson.But now that hes gone it seems that the next Iphone wont be so great......So its going to slow down the ongoing fast evolution of the Smartphones as we know it.You will be greatly missed......What a shame that all of your future creative ideas are gone along with you.Thanks for making technology work for me and not have me work for my technology.There is so much i can say about what you have done but im going to cut it short.May your soul rest in peace and i know your somewhere in IOS hanging out and happy as can be......:)

  • decapitatedgoth

great job steve!
you'd always be remembered!
thanks for all things APPLE!

  • Anonymous

he is an awesome and genius man where he created a technology where it makes human life easy and comfortable...i wish his soul rest in peace...

  • Anonymous

Ankush, 07 Oct 2011i remember back then when i was still a teen, and i was alw... moreyah.. i remember when he pull out the very first iPod in his pocket.. while im watching that video, i was saying to myself, i want that..!! haha
and also, im not aware the he is Steve Jobs even we were in the middle of studying the history of computer with Steve Jobs, Wozniak and others.. hahaha

  • Anonymous

im a nokia agent, but im also a fan of APPLE along the way. well WTH, i do admit, apple is just a fruit without Steve Jobs.