Steve Jobs passes away at the age of 56

05 October, 2011
The genius behind Apple's success passed away after a long struggle with cancer.

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  • vicky

world has lost such a great CEO and a great leader as well,we all will miss him.. RIP

  • civilizedbeast

although i have never used an Apple product personally, i still appreciate his out of the box thinking. May God bless his soul and provides strength to his family.


  • Thanks so much Steve


  • xxx

[deleted post]dont bring your personal agenda here you ido*. He is guru of tech. If you so good just design a phone like iphone, no need to produce and market it just design. Dont your mum teach how to respect people.

  • johndr

rip steve jobs.

  • tbas102

As a proud owner of the Galaxy S2 May I say R.I.P
you changed the way the world uses their technology
so thank you Steve
you will never be forgotten

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Yes, because the death of a human being is obviously merited because you disagree with this particular person's business ethos.

You have revealed yourself to be a rather disgusting individual.

  • Kean

Rest in peace, Steve.

  • SUPREME_514

He was one of the most brilliant minds we will ever see.. He was creative and he has brought Apple to all time heights.. Everyone will miss him ! R.I.P MR. AMAZING STEVE JOBS

  • Aakash

I will buy iphone 4s in nepal for steve jobs

  • AnonD-3601

may god bless his soul...he did an amazing work for Apple :)

  • AD

R.I.P Jobs, the world has lost a genius...

  • Yoshi

Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs... We'll miss you...

  • Bonedatt

R.I.P Steve Jobs. You will be missed!!!!

  • AnonD-977

RIP Steve Jobs, thank you for changing the world.

  • AnonD-4697

This Man Was a Genius....We will miss you for...Think Different!!

No words to explain....God Bless and resignation to family....RIP