Steve Jobs passes away at the age of 56

05 October, 2011
The genius behind Apple's success passed away after a long struggle with cancer.

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  • x3-02 fanatic

the whole world lost a genius again. Thank you steve. You change the trend of mobile technology. RIP steve God Bless

  • ?????

He didnt work for money he work for his love (=technology)
i am really sad

  • ravi

oh well

The only Apple product I like is Safari, but this is indeed sad news. Rest in peace.

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  • sub1n

A visionary, an icon who always gave the world the best when it came to technology. Waking up people from the norms what they believed was best.

  • AnonD-17043

steve jobs. is the King of Apple! we will miss you.. and rest in peace. you've create a lot of cool gadgets. for steve i will buy an Iphone 4s. :)

  • Harsha

May his soul rest in peace.

  • dr vijay

i am really sad that Mr Jobs passed away. A genius and no doubt unequal among his peers. A visionary and to an extent a real Karmayogi .
it was his passion that lead Apple and always lead from front.
May peace be upon him .

  • Hongo Takeshi

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs...

Apple wont be the same without your presence...

  • issac

u r work great for us....thanks u

  • Martin Chong

Steven Jobs, you did a good job for Apple, Rest in peace

  • me

Rest in Peace Steve

Thank you for all the great technology you made for us and for changing our world to the better.

  • WADE

"Picasso had a saying, he said 'good artists copy, great artists steal' and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas." - Apple founder Steve Jobs, 1994.

RIP Steve Jobs

  • pskipper

rip steve jobs

  • SK

R.I.P Mr.Steve Jobs. We Will Miss You...

  • AnonD-25005

I feel so bad since i heard this notice, Steve Jobs R.I.P., God take your soul in his hands.

  • dav

R.I.P steve, world is a poorer place without you. may god watch over your family and guide them through this unfortunate time

  • devilxao

This is so sad... he was a tremendous human being...

  • Rocky

He was from one of those peoples who are history, he was smart and a master mind. i believe, there is no one who can beat "apple" and he wil "rest in peace" i wil get apple 4s for his name.

  • M.G.X

All I can say RIP Steve jobs